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Peppers, tomatoes switch up eggplant spread

A nice bit of planning, I thought, to have polished off a batch of baba ghanoush made from last year’s frozen eggplant — just as this year’s fresh specimens were sizing up. Then I let the garden’s first gloriously shiny, richly purple globe languish a bit too long in the refrigerator. Pocked and puckered, its [...]

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Brioche buns more than burger-patty bookends

The Whole Dish podcast: Shrimp burgers luxurious match for brioche buns Brioche hamburger buns, mentioned in my latest podcast, recently vied with pretzel buns for my affections while shopping at a locally owned grocer. I’d noticed Franz’s brioche buns sometime this past spring, but now an artisan brand, St. Pierre, had debuted at Medford’s Food [...]

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Pretzels even better as breads, burger buns

Pretzel bread has caused some swooning in a few past posts to this blog. And as mentioned in my latest podcast, pretzel buns for hamburgers have finally found their way into Southern Oregon’s supermarket mainstream. I urged the purchase of pretzel buns for summer’s bountiful burgers. We all know, of course, that packaged buns, rolls [...]

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Is this meatless patty superior? You be the judge

The Whole Dish podcast: Homemade vegetarian patties have better taste, texture A 20-year class reunion earlier this month revisited more than one 1990s trend. The best veggie burger — Boca or Gardenburger— fueled some debate with a friend who also doesn’t eat beef. Our back-and-forth was lukewarm, compared to the gas grill turning out the [...]

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Ready-to-fill crust makes for cool chocolate pie

The Whole Dish podcast: Creamy pies can be full-fat or enhanced with gelatin “Brookie” dough was my latest impulse purchase from the sale freezer case at Ashland’s Shop’n Kart. Even if I stop in for a single item, I’m incapable of skipping over the store’s coolers and freezers stocked with priced-to-sell delicacies. Close-dated cheeses, meats, [...]

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Icebox treats are a sweet way to chill in summer

The cooling power of homemade ice pops, aka Popsicles, make for a playful food section this week. Easier than homemade ice cream, ice pops (see the July 18 e-edition) are a versatile bunch. But if you’re not inclined to lick your dessert from a dripping stick, consider other sweet treats that can be whipped up [...]

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Blueberries burst with juiciness in baked goods

The recent spike in temperature is spurring on berries of all types, including Southern Oregon’s somewhat short-season blueberries. Bountiful by midsummer, blueberries wither much more rapidly than hardy blackberries when the mercury soars above 100. So now is the time to enjoy locally grown berries by the handful while stashing away a few bags in [...]

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Locally grown pedigree sweetens bitter greens

Between berries, tree fruit, corn, melon, tomatoes and more, summer is a season of sweetness. Bitter greens, however, are abundant at local grocers. And many of these chicory-family members are locally grown, to boot. Escarole and radicchio that I recently purchased at Medford’s Food 4 Less boast the “Rogue Valley Grown” band. Add the Belgian [...]

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Minestrone veggies do double duty in pasta salad

The Whole Dish podcast: Follow a few rules for superior pasta salads On a day usually devoted to barbecue, a bowl of hearty minestrone hit the spot. Granted, it may have been the cool mountain air that piqued our appetites for hot, savory soup. But lest we forget, minestrone is a dish that celebrates summer, [...]

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Fourth of July fare can skip mayo-dressed salads

A fuss-free Fourth of July spread, fittingly, fills this week’s food section. Writers for the Detroit Free Press steered clear of mayonnaise-based salads, too, ensuring that the meal is light and refreshing. While vinaigrette-dressed pasta salads are simple and safer to serve in hot weather, couscous and its ilk makes a great alternative for potlucks [...]

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