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Tired of basil with summer vegetables? Try mint

Amid aromas of onions and shallots sautéing in butter, mint made its presence known to participants in a recent cooking class. A key ingredient in millet tabbouleh, fresh mint made the trip from my garden to a class coordinated by ACCESS at Rogue Valley Family YMCA. Volunteering for the former organization, I was demonstrating how [...]

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‘Spiralized’ veggies make better gluten-free pasta

Long, spiral, strands of vegetables (“spiralized” veggies) made a splash in a story about wheat-free noodles for the August issue of Oregon Healthy Living magazine. I’ve seen several spiralizing gadgets at work, including the Inspiralizer. But as the following recipe acknowledges, a vegetable peeler will produce something of the same effect, although it isn’t nearly [...]

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Fried rice is a go-to dinner on portable griddle

Campout cooking looks a bit different when a griddle replaces the ubiquitous grill. My husband decided that a portable, propane griddle was the way to go for this year’s big camping trip — and summers to come. It eliminates the need to pack so many pots and pans to use with the typical camp stove. [...]

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Lamb a canvas for Mediterranean, Indian flavors

Camping trips have engendered some of my family’s signature dishes. Since my first stint cooking for a Lake Shasta houseboating excursion, lamb secured a spot on the menu. It’s a fitting formula because by early summer, we’ve usually just stocked the freezer with a whole animal raised by local 4-Hers. And a whole, butterflied leg [...]

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Corn-shrimp cakes bursting with flavor, texture

Two solid months into outdoor cooking season, sweet corn can finally join the party. The other players could be steaks, chicken, salmon or the shellfish touted in a previous post. But in the presence of grilled corn on the cob, the proteins often play secondary roles. That’s also the case with this corn-meets-shrimp recipe that [...]

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Keep shrimp in their shells for foolproof grilling

Recently, I elected to saute, rather than grill, some stellar spot prawns purchased live from my favorite coastal seafood market. (See photos on my Facebook page.) It was a decision based mostly on the shellfish vying with oysters for space on the grill, mentioned in a previous post. But I gave grilling some serious thought. [...]

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No tomatoes to spare? Try cucumber gazpacho

It’s hard to comprehend how we have tomatoes ripening in the garden but so few cucumbers. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve long been ambivalent to cucumbers, challenged to use all of the cute, juicy lemon variety that we typically grow. Another eight cucumbers to pick today? Oh, goodie … Now what? Fortunately, my younger son [...]

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Oysters in the shell are summertime grilling fare

With summer in full swing, the grilling stories and recipes just keep on coming in the pages of A la Carte. Such topics as cast-iron cookware on the grill, making the most of small grills and, most recently, grilling lean meats all have fueled readers’ passions for outdoor cooking. I’ll add a plug for one [...]

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Relish grilled meats with smoked tomato chutney

A liberal dash of seasoning keeps grilled foods interesting, or so runs the premise of this week’s story in A la Carte. Despite being a lover of spices, tongue-tingling ones in particular, I’m guilty of devising flavors that are too simple, too predictable. I figure that if the meat is of high enough quality, a [...]

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Avocado, tomatillos fundamental for this sauce

Produce showing up on my doorstep is nothing new in a decade of living next door to my mother-in-law and her expansive vegetable garden. But every now and then, an item confounds me a bit. A half-dozen tomatillos, purchased from the store, not home-grown, were her latest bequest. She bought too many for a recipe. [...]

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