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Trendy avocado toast makes for spendy snacking

Considering the golden slice of toast on my plate, my eyes stray a few feet to the kitchen fruit basket, cradling a ripe avocado. But I just can’t do it. Not for breakfast, not with coffee. Not when my palate is craving anything sweet slathered or sprinkled on buttery toast. I get it that mashed [...]

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Chutney puts spice in pumpkin better than pie

It’s fall’s favorite flavor. But foods seasoned with “pumpkin-pie spice” (on my palate at least) usually prove sweeter than any pie and deficient in the spice department. Not so with this chutney, strong on fresh chilies and ginger with an extra dose of cloves to go with the pumpkin-pie spice. White vinegar mitigates the sweetness [...]

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Free-form chutneys commingle fruits, veggies

Forgiving. That’s how food-section columnist Jan Roberts-Dominguez described chutneys, those chunky, tangy, sweet-salty condiments that can contain all manner of fruits, vegetables and aromatics. I’m ready for a forgiving form of preserving since helping a friend can whole and sauced tomatoes in an all-day marathon spent monitoring his additions of lemon juice. Then I was [...]

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Fridge on the fritz brings food waste into focus

A new cooler purchased with the intent to expand our outdoor cooking proved indispensable when our refrigerator went on the fritz last week. Summer camping left us with blocks of ice that just fit our Cabela’s cooler. Transferring those from the auxiliary freezer in our garage left plenty of room for our freezer cache from [...]

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Succotash won’t suffer for summer’s leftovers

Kernels of sweet corn, pulses of overgrown string beans. Both are the seeds of a meal that practically makes itself, or so I thought, putting away dinner’s leftover pork ribs, steamed beans and corn on the cob. A meal in its own right, succotash also is a fitting repository for those odds and ends of [...]

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Abundant eggs, peppers, tomatoes fill fall tart

It’s almost a surreal experience to eat a sun-ripened peach for breakfast while gazing out the window at a world turned chilly and rainy. The change in the weather hasn’t yet brought about the garden’s demise. But it’s time to hustle, as my mother-in-law reminded me today. All those chilies that we’ve been waiting to [...]

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Wild-caught shrimp make sophisticated burger

More often than I determine my household’s menus, the food dictates what I’m serving. This time of year, it’s our garden with its seasonal bounty that compels me to get creative with summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and beans until my repertoire is exhausted. After several repetitive weeks, it comes as no surprise when [...]

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Cedar planks a foolproof fix for fish that sticks

Cooking salmon skin-side down without flipping it, as explained in this blog’s previous post, ensures moist, succulent flesh. Another popular method both flavors the fish and makes for an eye-catching presentation. Cedar planks for use on gas and charcoal grills are sold at almost any big-box or hardware store, even many mainstream grocers. Regardless of [...]

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Sussing out salmon’s origins safeguards nutrition

Salmon can have some fishy origins of which consumers may be hard-pressed to determine. Such was the subtext of this month’s article on salmon in Oregon Healthy Living magazine. Farm-raised species, genetically modified organisms, even the spawn of local hatcheries all have nutritional drawbacks. Amid these concerns, wild Alaskan salmon — albeit frozen — emerges [...]

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Asian-Latin fusion dishes transform sweet corn

A feast of sweet corn was this week’s food-section feature. Cooks who had their fill of munching corn from the cob found recipes in the newspaper’s e-edition for corn soup, soufflé and Mexican street corn, aka elotes. A south-of-the-border staple, elotes has been bandied about in American food publications quite a bit over the past [...]

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