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Go ahead: Toss some peas in your seafood paella

Paella, featured in this blog’s previous post, often is presented in the United States almost like an “everything pizza,” to quote a recent article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Whereas American attempts at this Spanish staple may boast sausage, chicken, shrimp, mollusks, tomatoes, olives, peppers and peas all in the same dish, Spanish versions contain [...]

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Grill-season repertoire expands with paella, rabbit

The Whole Dish podcast: Rabbit is healthful, sustainable, locally available “Spanish saffron, paprika, quince paste and Bomba rice or other rice for paella.” So ran my wish list of souvenirs from my husband’s recent trip to Spain. We even wondered whether he could purchase a paella pan to ship home. Turns out, the shops were [...]

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Recipe expands roast asparagus to complete meal

Asparagus has been plentiful enough the past month that it’s popped up several times in this blog. But as longtime food writer Jan Roberts-Dominguez recently confirmed, the Pacific Northwest asparagus harvest is just picking up speed, a couple of months on the heels of California’s crop. A diverse complement of dishes accompanied Jan’s most recent [...]

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Spring-into-summer sweet is supremely simple

The Whole Dish podcast: Premade pie crust makes for spur-of-the-moment dessert Singular flavors of spring, prepared simply, have been this blog’s theme for the past week. To go with appetizers of radishes with butter and steamed artichokes, I’ll add a couldn’t-be-simpler dessert that capitalizes on a short-season specialty: rhubarb. Chicago Tribune writer Leah Eskin calls [...]

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Warm or cold, artichokes a singular spring starter

A short-season springtime vegetable, singular in its freshness and flavor, can whet one’s appetite like complicated canapés simple can’t. Such was the premise of this blog’s previous post, basically an encouragement to serve a board of garden-fresh radishes with compound butter for your next gathering. A chilled stone slab (I have one inset in a [...]

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Garden-fresh radishes, rich butter pique appetites

Laboring over a cheese platter recently rewarded me with a restaurant-quality spread. At least it was to my eye. Too bad the kitchen lighting didn’t produce a photo worthy of Instagram. It helps, of course, to have a variety of attractive serving boards and platters from which to choose. On a natural stone slab, I [...]

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Compose grilled romaine, chicken for un-salad

Even before the latest nationwide E. coli outbreak, I’ve never been too keen on romaine lettuce. Largely flavorless, the lettuce isn’t redeemed on my palate by thick veins that can be watery or woody, depending on age and provenance. Fringing that thick, interior fiber, romaine leaves often can be hopelessly limp. I like my salad [...]

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Simple preparations best for showcasing scallops

A big platter of petrole sole fillets fresh from the Oregon coast prompted a recent discussion of wild, sustainable seafood. Where do we get good-quality fish and shellfish, asked our friend, who was visiting from California. I replied with my longtime lament: The search is never-ending. Just when I think I’ve found a worthwhile product [...]

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Frozen phyllo dough just right for brunch dishes

The Whole Dish podcast: Phyllo makes delightfully crunchy crust for quiche The biggest cast-iron skillet I’ve ever seen, layered with greens and red peppers for a gorgeous frittata, dominated the spread at a recent weekend brunch. But vying for attention as the most impressive dish was a classic vegetarian entree, borrowed from traditional Greek cuisine. [...]

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Herbs, asparagus are lamb’s spring companions

The Whole Dish podcast: Locally raised lamb a sustainable option Asparagus, extolled in this blog’s previous post, recently has found favor with my kids. Surprisingly, my 5-year-old son, skeptical of almost every vegetable, declares that he loves asparagus, particularly when he can cut the little “trees” himself from our garden beds. But texture, I realized, [...]

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