You never know what’s behind the link

Unless you were a Trail Blazer fan during the Kermit Washington era you might never have heard of The American University, located just across the Maryland border in northwest Washington, D.C.

I picked up a master’s degree at American University during the early Reagan Administration era before returning to the Rogue Valley.

For years, I didn’t hear much from American and the university didn’t hear much from me.

Never mind American University managed to lose my diploma and it took a couple of years letter writing and telephone calls to finally get a replacement copy shipped to Medford. (I still have a very thick file of correspondence somewhere in the home office.)

Some time after the advent of ubiquitous emails I managed to land on American’s Alumni Update blast list.

When the May update hit my inbox this morning I quickly scanned the alumni notes to see if any of my cohort had made a splash. There were none, but the final entry caught my eye:

Ken Wells, SOC/BA ’81, promoted to executive vice president and chief marketing officer of PremierWest Bank

I clicked on the link and this is what I found.

It may merely be a simple collection of People in Business notes I compile from time to time, but I can now report that good ol’ AU is linked to my daily habitat.

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