It's Monday, it's cold and well you can see some blue sky — for a while.

powerball numbers

The Conference Board’s Employment Trends Index isn’t much cause for celebration.

China is turning U.S. debt it holds into hard assets. Electric vehicle battery maker is also among takeover targets.

Here’s a link to the real estate investment organization that has recently acquired the Bella Vista project in east Medford and to the Bend builder slated to begin construction this spring.

The Federal Communications Commission is pushing aviation counterpart to expand use of on board communications devices.

Federal Aviation Administration says its new directive to Erickson Air-Crane, requiring pylon structural assembly repair, will cost the heavy-lift helicopter maker and operators $53,400 annually. In addition the inspection will cost $15,024 for the fleet of skyrcranes.

Here is a report on trends shaping the cost of fuel at the pump from the Energy Bulletin.

When looking to cut the cost of living, downsizing your home isn’t always simple, painless—or even all that beneficial financially, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Fannie Mae housing survey indicates buyers more confident they can land a mortgage.

Here’s a take on what’s next in the HARP refinancing boom from the Housingwire.

The Herald and News reports sidewalk construction is a point of debate in Klamath Falls commercial district.

East Medford’s Quality Market set for comeback, as a convenience store.

Home Grown for this week: Johnny B’s

People in Business for this week.

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