From the Better Business Bureau complaint files

The Northwest Better Business Bureau has issued its lists for top inquiries and complaints during 2012.
General contractors sparked the most inquiries, followed by roof contractors and used auto dealers.
New car dealers paved the way on the complaint list, followed by financial services and used car dealers.
The inquiry list — General contractor, roofing contractors, used auto dealers, property management, construction and remodeling services, heating and air conditioning, auto repair and service, financial services, new auto dealers, real estate loans, plumbing contractors, collection agencies, market survey companies, painting contractors, home builders, auto body repair and painting, electrical contractors, timeshare resale and rental marketing, cellular telephone service and supplies, Internet services, hotels.
The complain list — New car dealers, financial services, used auto dealers, payday loans, animal hospitals, property management, magazine sales, auto repair and service, collection agencies, Internet services, cellular telephone service and supplies, timeshare resale and rental marketing, restaurants, video tape and disc sales and rentals, retail sportswear, tanning salons, general contractors, apartments, furniture retailers and newspapers.
Got to love that last one.

General Motors’ North American President, citing doubling of Volt sales, says electric vehicles are making inroads.

This will be widely disseminated, but just in case your goal is to be the first to file in your neighborhood, ease off the pedal.
Oregon Department of Revenue said today its tax processing will start later because the Internal Revenue Service is starting eight days later than originally planned due to tax law changes made by Congress in the “fiscal cliff” deal earlier this month.
Internal Revenue Service begins processing returns Jan. 30 — eight days later than its original target date.
Oregon can’t process electronically filed returns until the IRS opens its electronic filing system.
In the interim, taxpayers can collect forms and crunch numbers.
State revenue folks issued some reminders:
• Wait until you have your W2 before filing your tax return. Filing a return without including a copy of your W2 can hamper processing and delay your return.
• Find out what your bank routing numbers are, so you can use direct deposit for your refund.
• Make sure you have appropriate proof of expenses for all your claimed deductions and credits.
• Complete your federal tax return first, since you will need information from it for your state return.

Foreclosures are building steam again, but Oregon is trailing the curve, according to RealtyTrac in this

The Housing Department said new residential starts grew 12.1% in December.

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