Canadian community isn’t impressed by St. Louis firm’s branding efforts

When the Heart of Medford Association adopted its “Metro Medford. Historically centered. Progressively inspired” brand and logo it seemed to please those involved with the change and generated little negative response.
More recently, however I was contact by a city council member from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, where its minus-15 degrees as I write.
Council member Larry Jorgenson wanted to know if there had been any objection to the work done by Avant, the St. Louis, firm contracted to help HMA come up with a new brand, tying together downtown marketing efforts.
I told him I hadn’t heard any, but there was initial surprise that the job went to a St. Louis outfit when Southern Oregon has multiple marketing and public relations enterprises. An HMA spokesperson had told me none of those entities had applied for the project.
“The previous council and committee approved the hiring of Avant Marketing to develop some options for taglines for our city,” Jorgenson wrote in an email “Now, the new council is getting its first look at these taglines and at first glance, we are underwhelmed so to speak. One councilor has a marketing background and is now questioning the qualifications of Avant Marketing.”
Today he told me none of Avant’s submissions have stirred the hearts of the Humboldt Counsel.
“None of the nine caught our eyes,” Jorgenson admitted. “It’s not a huge pile of money, but at same time nobody wants to waste $5,000.”

Looking 10 months ahead, the region’s digital minds are formulating plans for a an E-Summit, the third week in October. According to Michael Smith in the Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc. office, the regional E-Week will feature targeted training, a Hackathon, resource presentations, displays by regional companies as well as nightly entertainment.
Smith notes the event will be marketed to tech writers and compatible companies who might want to relocate here.

Erickson Air-Crane’s storied Elvis aircraft out of action for repairs amid Australian fire season. Nonetheless, crews continue busy fire season in Australia.

A 30-year-old treaty between the U.S. and Canada, allowing fishing in territorial waters has run its course, say a growing number of U.S. fisherman. The World reports the State Department is pushing to renew the treaty granting reciprocal albacore tuna fishing privileges, but offers a rebuttal from local fishermen.

Stanford University scholars have their own tweak that could be a big fix for the health care.

If you are planning to sell your business, or positioning it for a merger you need to know the market value of the business. The same goes for succession or estate planning, taxes and disputes.
Matt DiGeronimo writes there is one more reason in this blog for Smith Floyd Mergers & Acqusitions.

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