Wyden makes a plug for access to research

Sen. Ron Wyden thinks results of federally funded research ought to be available to all Americans.
Research in science, technology, energy and medicine get bottled up, according to a news release out of the Oregon senator’s office.
Such research often leads to innovations, creating jobs and improving the quality of life for millions. However, much of it is published behind the paywall of peer reviewed journals limiting access to innovators.
Wyden and John Cornyn (R-Texas) have introduced the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act to break down the barriers.
“Making those findings available to all Americans is the best way to lead the next generation of discovery and innovation or create the next game-changing business,” Wyden said in a statement. ll.”
The legislation would put a time limit on that exclusivity, making federally funded research papers available on a public database no more than six months after publication in a peer reviewed journal. Some 90,000 federally funded research papers are published each year and timely access to the findings will encourage private investment into new technologies and bring new products and services to the market more quickly.

From the San Francisco Chronicle we find a Chevron firefighter managed to add fuel to a refinery fire.

Google executives dodge one investor lawsuit, while the company files another of its own against a British telecommunications company.

Best Buy founder Richard Schulze is rethinking his buyout plan for taking the company private.

Weaker demand drops price of natural gas futures

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