Fax machine foul-up foils Oregon tax returns

This comes from the “our problem is your problem too” file.
Oregon Revenue Department said today it has experienced an interruption in fax service, affecting taxpayer communications to two of the agency’s key return processing units.
Since Friday, March 1, afternoon, the agency said it has received 644 fax submissions to its Electronic Funds Transfer Unit and Suspense Unit that were incomplete due to service problems.
“Taxpayers sending the faxes would have every reason to think they had a successful transmission, but we received a distorted or partial image,” Policy and Systems Manager Megan Denison said in a statement.
Tax collectors are asking customers who recently used the affected lines to resend their faxed information as soon as possible. The agency can identify the senders of about a quarter of the failed faxes and will attempt to contact them, Denison said.
Taxpayers attempting to use the unit’s fax numbers (503-945-8786 and 503-945-8009) will receive a recorded message that the line has been disconnected and is no longer in service. Revenue has set up an alternate fax number (503-945-8584) that should be used until further notice.
The state said taxpayers who sent a fax to EFT using 503-947-2016 between Friday afternoon and Monday evening need to resend their fax using either that number or alternate number 503-345-2353.

Amy’s Kitchen plans to expand in its hometown location, adding hundreds of job. The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reports.

A natural gas driven railway could be a real game changer, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Tesla needs more time to figure out its latest financial report.

The Cass Freight Index indicated an increase in shipment volumes during February, reversing a four-month retreat and putting levels back on pace with 2012. Freight expenditures rose, but remained below same period 2012 levels. All modes experienced up and down shifts in volume during the the past eight months adn there are no signs of change in the near future.
While there are some strong indicators of improvement in the economy, they don’t necessarily translate to improvements in the freight logistics market.Others signal weak demand for freight.

Sequester-sparked financial fears undercut consumer confidence, in a new Gallup survey.
Separately, Gallup’s Job Creation Index showed government hiring was modest prior to the sequester.

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