Southern Oregon Angel Investment Conference

Following JettStream is PopDeck, Richard Emmonsand Brent Gibson are presenting PopDeck, a system of metal tracks used to install composite decking boards to joists, tapping it into place with a rubber mallet. Decks are made with 95 percent recycled materials.
The market is $300 million by 2015, Brent Gibson says. The first distributor is Parr Lumber, the 19th biggest retailer in the country. Parr Lumber distributes to 1,000 hardware stores in Western states.
The metal plates are made at JP Tool in Central Point. Manufacturing begins in June, consuming 25 percent of the manufacturers capacity.
The pre-revenue company says it could bring in venture capital quickly to payback angel investors or get acquired. The product was invented and patented here and expects to get financed in the Rogue Valley.
“Builders who remember long power cords before the invention of the cordless screwdriver,” Emmons said.
The brackets are made from galvanized steel
The organization has produced its fifth-generation prototpe. Parr Lumber becomes a test market, while the company builds its inventory.

The Digits, a Portland-area educational app maker. is presenting its math app.
When kids are too old for Bib Bird, there aren’t many options.
“We created a story that gets kids not to just know math, but to love math,” says founder Scotty Iseri.
The product was No. 1 in the educational app on the Kindle Store.
Old media vs. new, there are lot of new media competitors, Iseri says.
Digits provides Value to school districts or manufacturers and through licensing.
“We’d like to be everywhere where kids are spending there time,” he says.
It could be a legacy company like Sesame Street, which sells $44 million in merchandise every year.
Kids play about 20 minutes a time.
“We have contracts with all our actors,” says the founder of the educational software company.
Sesame Street taps out about 5 years. The third and fourth grades are critical times for children to learn they can be good at math.
“We have a teacher on staff who brings in curriculum and then its paired with interactive gaming.

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