More tales from fog-challenged travelers

Tales from travelers, who found themselves doing whatever they could to get in and out of Medford during the five-day Rogue Valley  fog-in continue trickling in.
Here’s an email from Eagle Point residents Margaret and Larry Bradburn, about there efforts to get home.
“Your story was interesting to me about the airline passengers! We were scheduled to fly to Medford from Seattle Monday night around midnight. This was after flying from Austin to Salt Lake. After barely getting out of Salt Lake because of fog, we were finally in Seattle boarded on Alaska Airlines but then the Medford airport shut down and we had to collect our bags and get off the plane. We could not get on a flight for another 24 hours so we decided to get a hotel room. After four hours of sleep we rented a car to drive home. Around Myrtle Creek there was a six-mile jam on I-5 because of a wreck. We followed truckers through the boonies and finally got below the accident. After arriving at Medford airport to return the rental, we learned passengers from Seattle that had been on board the Alaska Airline’s flight  but managed to get on a flight to Medford (early in the day) had still not arrived. They had flown to Medford but had to return to Portland where they were then brought by bus to Medford. I wondered what time they finally got in because of the wreck that closed the freeway until 1:30 a.m. They were not there when we left the airport around 8:30 p.m. I doubt we shall fly again in December. In fact, I’m on the ground for a while.”
The good news, was the tractor-trailer pile-up in Douglas County had no fatalities.
The adventure reminds me of my January 1982 return flight to National Airport in Washington.
I had started the day before in Oakland and spent the night in St. Louis, because of bad weather in the nation’s capital.
My flight was circling above Washington when we diverted to Richmond because, our pilot announced, “a closure.”
Hours later, we’re bused to National and reunited with our bags.
Only then does word of the Air Florida Flight 90 had crashed into 14th Street Bridge before breaking into pieces and tumbling into the Potomac River. I made my way to the Metro station and traveled all of two stops before being told the line was closed because of fatal subway train wreck.
From there, it was time to hale a taxi for the final four or five miles home.

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