Your ideas on improving Medford airline service

I asked readers and social media friends and followers Thursday what they thought could improve commercial air service at Medford’s airport.

Feel free to weigh in; here are some earlier responses:

Doug Elfving: I flew for Rogue Valley Skyways back in the 70′s when Jim Higgs still owned it. The valley had a marginal amount of traffic that would justify a part 141 carrier back then and I’m sure it’s not much different now. If you have anything just accept and appreciate that it’s still there cause that could end at the drop of a dime.
You have x number of people who are going to fly on any given day and averaged over time an airline has a bottom line minimum needed to justify a regular stop on a milk run. If you don’t have enough x’s you just flat out won’t have a stop.

Wil Scarrow: Get rid of the TSA. It’s because of them that I drive to LA & Portland when I have cause to go there.

 Amber Sekreta: Slowly but surely Medford is going! I would say to have more times to fly! For me if there were more options a lot of people would go for it since they know they can get in and out quickly! Also I would give an option for people who are say doing a business flight to Portland for the day to have like a fast track lane and a ticket area or even on their phone to be able to check in!

Duane Bowman:  Can anyone explain why a flight from Medford to San Francisco costs more than a flight from San Francisco to London? Somehow this airline deregulation stuff seems to have gone awry. When airlines were regulated they managed to serve “small markets” without gouging fares. When phone companies were regulated they managed to provide the same level of service to rural and urban customers. Somehow the promise of competition has meant ”ignore everyone except the city dwellers.” I’m not usually someone who argues for regulation but I worked for the phone company during the breakup of AT&T and when it was a “regulated monopoly” we all had better service. Sometimes there might just be an advantage to regulations of that sort.

Michelle Steffens: I would opt to fly more often and I know others that would move themselves here and possibly their larger companies as well for the lifestyle but not if they fly regularly…. I will be flying out this next week and have flown back/forth several times this past year with zero available seats…. So, when the farmer gets more dough for his milk because other farmers aren’t here to compete, well, the ONE farmer likes it just that way! I have to compete in this market every day with people that don’t even live here….

Travis Dick: How bout move the airport from the very lowest point in the valley where the majority of the fog congregates.

Laurel Boose Williamson: More SFO and LAX connections at reasonable fare. Many drive to larger ports and still save money on total trip cost, though not always if an overnight stay is required. Those are fares lost to carriers. Small markets are tough.
Brian Mein: Have Alaska and expand service to additional cities.

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