When it comes to matters of upward mobility, Southern Oregon is neither here, nor there

You might expect  to find a study done on upward mobility by Harvard University and University of California-Berkeley researchers to include Boston — fount of revolution and education — and San Jose, where all things news seem to spring up.

What might  be surprising, however, is to find Salt Lake City leading a list of America’s most upwardly mobile cities.

In this case, Salt Lake City is the most likely place to move up into the middle class, while the bastion of high-tech wealth San Jose is where you will most likely see people moving into the upper class. The Mountain West and Great Plains are good bets for growing up and exceeding your parents’ economic standards.

The survey only looked at the top 50-population centers, so that disqualifies these parts from a closer look. However, there is county data showing children were most likely to surpass their parents’ income level in Crook and Lake counties; Jackson County is middle of the road.

Here is a link to the study “Where is the Land of Opportunity?” and a brief treatment from The Atlantic.


From the you should already have known this, but we’re going to remind you anyway department.

The Better Business Bureau is again blasting the “scam alert” horn in regards to next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Nearly five times as many people as could cram into 82,566-seat MetLife Stadium plan to party in East Rutherford, N.J. The BBB expects to be out in force.
Just because a travel package has “Super Bowl” in the name doesn’t mean it includes tickets; if game tickets are not explicitly mentioned in ads, do not assume they are included.

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