Twitter works for marketers in the battle for social media attention, not so much for thinkers

The fount of continual buzz known as Twitter plays well when it’s relayed on mass media. However, it’s got its limitations.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week Twitter is still doubling revenue each quarter and has found ways to make more money per user. Still it trails Facebook in a variety of ways.
Local businessman James Collins suggests Twitter’s shareholders will eventually force changes in Twitter’s dynamics.

“I was one of the first Twitter users,” Collins said. “However, Twitter limits itself unnecessarily with the brevity restriction. Facebook figured this out long ago by limiting the visible area of posts and then providing a button to expand. Most things cannot be adequately communicated in 140 characters. Also, the pervasive hashtagging, while useful for tracking trends for marketers, is cluttered, off-putting, and largely unreadable to a majority potential users. On Facebook, which captures the biggest demographic, hashtags are often used ironically, rather than functionally. That tells you something.”

To the benefit of some, Twitter forces all users to be public with tweets, Collins said. The beneficiaries, are “mostly marketers and researchers, rather than users.”

Twitter can easily make changes to better compete with Facebook, he contends. “Their shareholders will eventually demand it.”


After stockpiling all those dollars for years, the logical next step for the Chinese is to invest them in something. The Wall Street Journal reports gold was a big attraction for Chinese investors in 2013.


Wireless charging companies makers pursue narrower standards for recharging all the electronic devices we carry around.

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