AT&T spends millions to improve its network

AT&T Mobility wants you to know its wisely investing your monthly cell phone dollars.
The wireless giant said it has poured more than $350 million into network enhancements between 2011 and 2013 to provide better fourth- and third-generation data service in Oregon
While declining to quantify a baseline figure, AT&T spokesman Andy Colley said customer data usage has soared 70 percent in the past 12 months.
In 2013 alone AT&T upgraded its network 446 times including new cell sites, increased wireless and wired network capacity, and new broadband network connections.
We’re sure the customers in and around Prospect are thankful, too, even if meant going for several weeks with spotty service while a new tower was built last summer.
Ashland and Medford were among the 13 markets added to AT&T’s Long Term Evolution network last year.


So a half-century after instigating the death of hundreds of newspapers, the FCC is recanting. Well at least easing rules on cross-media ownership, which decoupled newspapers from broadcast partners at a time when it would’ve kept competition alive in two- and three-newspaper towns.


Washington community college ordered to destroy pre-production Viper. I kept looking for an Onion logo, a Snopes link or April Fools reference, but this appears for real.

Survey demonstrates American’s general inability to interact (or is that interface?) with the tech world. Personally, I think this extends to about anything that doesn’t deal with pop culture.

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