It’s back, back, back, back to school time

Those trips to Bi-Mart, Target, Freddy’s and Rogue Valley Mall are in the rearview mirror, well mostly.

My daughter begins her final year of college next month, which creates a checklist all of its own.

Back-to-School sales begin within a week of Sirrius XM plays America’s annual anthem “School’s Out” for the thousandth time.

Much of America is back in school, but here in Oregon we generally wait for Labor Day to come in go before shewing the kids back to the classroom.

I’m guessing there are plenty of parents who have procrastinated, putting off the dreaded back-to-school shopping tour.

I’m sure there are plenty of good excuses:

    • “Haven’t put the camping gear away yet.”
    • “The smoke from all those fires is too thick.”
    • “It’s too hot to shop.”
    • “Have you seen my lawn?”
    • “I have to wait for payday.”
    • “My benefits ran out.”
    • “My boyfriend’s car broke down.” 
    • “I can’t find my lottery ticket.”

For those of you who have succumbed to the inevitable and mapped out your clothing and supply journey, I’m curious about your strategies. How much you’re willing to spend vs. how much you end up spending. What you will and won’t do for your kids?

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