An indepth look at public solar projects

Even on a cloudy day, solar panels are collecting rays.
Here’s the first in a series of reports by the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Local Self-Reliance, discussing public solar efforts, the opportunities and barriers. Many of the targeted areas are in the West and Southwest, including Oregon.


Consumer Federation of America reported 20 percent of Americans know that low credit scores are likely to increase the finance charges on a $20,000, 60-month car loan by more than $5,000. Moreover, more than two-fifths  incorrectly think that the additional charges would be less than $3,000.
Following its fifth-annual national credit score survey, CFA noted understanding the cost implications of low scores for auto loans remains very low. The percentage of those who know that multiple inquiries about getting credit lower one’s FICO or VantageScore credit scores never lower these scores during a 1-2 week window.


GasBuddy reported Medford’s average retail pump prices remain the same as last week, averaging $3.11 per gallong on Sunday, according to a survey of 64 gas outlets. The national average that edged up 0.4 cents per gallon in the past week to $2.75. (Wouldn’t it be nice to be average?)
GasBuddy indicated pump prices were 80.1 cents per gallon lower than a year ago and are 13.7 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The national average has increased 14.8 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 92.8 cents per gallon lower than this day one year ago.

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