Spoof call of the day.org, or something like that

We all get those nauseating calls from non-existent entities, with spoof numbers either belonging to someone else or no one at all.
Today I returned a call, via my work line, after one spoofer left a voice mail left a number about a fraud investigation. One never knows these days when we might get a mea culpa from a bank or credit card company, so I called the number starting with a Seattle area code.
Officer “Finley” or something along those lines answered, his voice was garbled as was every thing he said subsequently, The one thing I could figure out, was that he assured me if was indeed a spoof call, not from his agency. I’m not sure, but it sounded like he was in the audit department and was getting a barrage of calls from people responding to the spoofer voicemails.
It’s the admission price we pay for living in the digital age, wired, connected, and virtual.
Strangely spoofers remain at large, unaccountable, and apparently, not on the top of agency wishlists.

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