How Do I Find the Right Wrongful Death Attorney for Me?

The loss of a loved one is always a heart-rending experience, and it can be worse when it happens unexpectedly. A senseless tragedy as a result of a crime, a car accident, a medical error or the use of a defective product can cause untold distress.

There are many reasons why families of loved ones decide to file a wrongful death case and finding the right attorney is crucial to success. 

Experience in wrongful death cases

Finding an attorney with experience in wrongful death cases is the best way to ensure a positive outcome. You wouldn’t want to have a brain surgeon treating a heart problem and in the same way, you need to feel confident that your attorney is used to practicing in this area of the law.

Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney questions, such as whether he or she has ever handled a similar case to yours. Accident Lawyers at are experienced in handling wrongful death cases and have the skills built up over the years to assist you in proving your case.

A proven track record

It will help to conduct some research about an attorney you’re considering hiring. A successful attorney will have a track record of winning cases or getting significant settlements for clients. 

It is easy to find out more about an attorney’s reputation if you ask around on legal forums and read online reviews. Find out whether an attorney is skilled at doing research and clearly presenting evidence to prove the full extent of negligence by the at-fault party.

A personality match

You could be working with the attorney over a fairly long period and it’s important that you are able to communicate well. You need to take a little time to get to know your prospective attorney and see if you are able to work together. 

A good attorney will listen to your concerns and answer all your questions to the best of his or her knowledge. If communication skills are lacking, you can easily fall out of the loop in the course of the process.

Complimentary case reviews 

When an attorney offers complimentary case reviews, it provides many benefits. The attorney has an opportunity to assess your case and you can find out whether it is strong enough to pursue. 

You can ask questions about your case, such as whether it is likely to go to trial, what type of financial settlement you could expect, and what works in your favor and against you. It also allows you to find out whether the attorney and you have a rapport. 

Works based on contingency fees

Pursuing a wrongful death case without the right attorney at your side could be overwhelming and cause problems down the road. At a time when you’re vulnerable and under great emotional stress, contacting an attorney at will set your mind at ease and take some of the stress off your shoulders. 

Legal fees are expensive and many people do not have the funds to hire a wrongful death attorney. Fortunately, many attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they don’t receive any payment unless your case is successful. Even if you are struggling financially, you are still able to pursue a case for damages.

Investigations following events such as a multi-car accident or concerning a defective product can be extensive, and it is very difficult to predict the time frame or the end result. Therefore, you need to hire an attorney you can trust to take the lead, having the benefit of past experience.

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