5 Road Trip Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Drive

Road trips can be enormous fun for the whole family. This is particularly true when you prepare well for your road trip. Taking the necessary measures to ensure that your trip will be comfortable is an important consideration. 

Making every effort to guarantee a safe road trip is right there at the top of the list too. The best way to look forward to a comfortable 8 or 12 hours or more on the road is to prepare for the occasion.

Prepare your vehicle tires ahead of time

A basic for a comfortable road trip, and one that gives you peace of mind, is to prepare your vehicle in advance. Make sure that your tires are all roadworthy and filled with the right amount of air when loaded. Be sure to check that your spare tire is pumped full of air and is in good condition. 

Pack a tire repair kit into your vehicle just to be on the safe side. While doing that, check that you have all the necessary equipment to change your tire should you get a puncture along the way.

Check vehicle fuel, oil and water levels

When last was your vehicle serviced? Double-check your maintenance records in advance of your road trip to be sure that your car is roadworthy. Was it a minor or major service and have you attended to that persistent rattle that you’ve recently noticed?

Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t follow up on vehicle safety is going to be timely and costly. Other than the major issues, make sure all your fuel, oil, and water levels are appropriate for a long road trip. Getting the basics out of the way will add up to a far more comfortable trip, and peace of mind.

Getting on the road

Get enough sleep the night before you’re due to start your trip. Pack most of your luggage into the car the night before. Only once you begin your trip should you pack in your underseat luggage where you can conveniently reach it as needed. 

You may want to pack in snacks, a change of clothes, or books to read. Packing in warmer or cooler clothing nearby is ideal. The last thing you want is to unload all your luggage to get to a change of clothing that accommodates changing weather patterns across states.

Pace yourself well

You might have wanted to get off to an early start to avoid peak hour traffic, but don’t push yourself for the rest of the day. Allow yourself to enjoy your trip and stay safe by stopping every 2 to 3 hours to stretch your arms and legs. 

Stopping to stretch regularly is essential to reduce the production of clot formation in the body. Studies indicate that sitting for 4 hours increases the risk of this occurring. This is why regular stops to stretch your body, improve circulation and decrease the risk of cramps, is vital to a comfortable road trip.

Get enough rest on your road trip

It is critical to remain awake and alert on long road trips. If you don’t have a co-driver to help with driving, then you need to take breaks to rest. Regularly stopping the car to get out and stretch is vital for your physical wellbeing and your mental outlook.

If you’re the only person driving, then it is even more important to take regular breaks outside of fuel stops. Be sure to also book a hotel room ahead of time so that you can get enough sleep if your road trip is longer than 10 hours. By making good choices, your trip can be comfortable and enjoyable.

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