Let there be light – 4 easy ways to improve your home’s lighting

If there is one essential ingredient you need to consider when decorating your house, that’s lighting. Not many of us put much consideration when choosing the bulbs and lighting fixture for their home, leaving them for last when it’s actually one of the most important aspects that can make or break a room. 

Lighting does much more for a home than just brighten up dark corners. It affects your emotions, gives a sense of openness, inspires productivity and motivates you. This is why it is more important than décor objects and wallpaper choices. 

So, without further ado, here’s what you can do to create a beautiful, well-lit home.

Mix things up

If you think one source of light is enough for a room, then prepare to get your beliefs shaken. Most interior designers will advise you need to invest in layered illumination. 

Ideally, every room should have an overhead lighting fixture with a brighter LED light, to serve as the main source. Then, depending on the purpose of the room, you need to add task lighting. This could mean a lamp over your desk, kitchen counter or nightstand, to aid you with tasks that don’t need a fully lit room. Last but not least, accent lighting is meant to give the room more depth, accentuate certain corners or simply add to the ambience. 

Take into consideration room orientation

When you plan how much lighting you need to brighten up a room, you need to consider how that particular room is oriented. If, for example, you have a north-facing living room, this means it won’t be getting as much natural sunlight, so you need to compensate by adding more artificial light. Focus on lighting up the north wall, to give the feeling that the light is coming from outside. 

If the room is facing east or south, then you are lucky, and you can go a little light with the lighting. Focus on a main source of light, such as a pendant light, and then add a few task lights to complete the space. 

Play with ambience

If there is one thing you must absolutely do when it comes to lighting, that’s installing dimmers everywhere. Put dimmers on each individual fixture instead of on the main panel, so that you can easily adjust them one by one when necessary. It may sound like a costly investment at first, but you will be thanking yourself later on. Not only will you be able to control how much light you need and your eyes won’t have to deal with that much brightness, but your electricity bill will be considerably lower as well. 

Don’t hate your bathroom

When choosing the lighting for a bathroom, most people go with those small fixtures that hang above or on the sides of the sink mirror. These fixtures can be used for ambience, but they are not good as a main source of light, because they cast shadows that are not very flattering for whoever looks in the mirror. 

Don’t hate yourself, your guests and your bathroom and choose to go with a main source of light that is placed about 66 inches off the floor, so that your face is properly illuminated. 

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