How to Take Full Advantage of WeChat Marketing in 5 Steps

WeChat is one of the most popular social media sites in China right now, and it’s only been around since 2011. That’s why a majority of businesses in China have incorporated WeChat into their digital marketing strategy. 

The great thing about WeChat is that it offers a sophisticated yet accessible user experience and marketers consider it to be a dynamic platform to work with because it enables them to collect customer feedback, build brand awareness and connect with customers at the same time. 

Because Chinese users utilize WeChat every day, any brand worth its salt would do well to have an effective WeChat strategy. 

Read on for tips on how to benefit from WeChat and use it to boost your business significantly. 

  1. Create Quality Content

One of the barriers to entry on WeChat is that your content must be good at all times. You can’t have crappy content today and good content tomorrow. Consistency in quality is essential. 

So, if you want to push sales and increase brand awareness through WeChat then you must be ready to invest in effective and high-quality content. 

Research shows that the Moments feature is the most popular on WeChat, particularly for posting and sharing information such as videos, voice messages, and images. 

It can also be utilized to read content through public accounts. 

  1. Consider QR Code Marketing

QR codes are widely utilized in China. In fact, they’re so common that they are an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy that aims to be effective. 

Companies use QR codes to drive online to offline sales as well as customer engagement. They can also be utilized for contest rewards and discounts which as mentioned, are instrumental to customer retention. 

You can use a QR code to lead customer engagement by linking it directly to your company’s WeChat page. 

The best part is that you get an automatic QR code scanner when you create an account on the platform. But, you can also customize your brand’s QR code which is great. 

  1. Build a Loyalty Program

Another great way to gain and grow market share when marketing in China is through customer loyalty programs. 

It’s one of the best ways to get consumers to get excited about your brand, and of course, to get repeat business. Loyalty programs are commonly utilized to bring new products to the market. 

In fact, research shows that 89% of Chinese consumers say that they’ve spent more on certain brands due to customer loyalty programs. 

Loyalty programs are a great way to attract and retain new customers while boosting brand visibility and credibility. 

  1. Try Creative Campaigns

Creative campaigns are designed to help brands establish deep customer connections. That’s because it enables you to customize campaigns in various different ways. 

One brand that utilized Creative Campaigns on WeChat to garner a large share of the Chinese market is Coach. 

They launched a loyalty program that encouraged new followers to provide their contact number in exchange for a potential prize. Sort of like a raffle. 

An incentive campaign is still one of the best product launch marketing strategies available. 

  1. Use the Mini Programs

Although integrated into WeChat you don’t need to download or install these Mini Programs in order to use them. Most brands spend about $30 or more a month to get up to 87% worth of user attention. 

Mini Programs should only be utilized to supplement your brand’s official account because they enable consumers to share their favorite products with friends and family, without having to scroll through the entire brand page. 

The great thing about this feature is that it also helps to grow O2O interactions and transactions, which is good for the WeChat platform of course. 

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