4 Steps You Should Take If You Have an Amusement Park Accident

The amusement park is the last place you’d think you’ll get injured. But despite the excitement that these parks offer, there are some serious risks of both minor and catastrophic injuries. 

Tens of thousands of people visit emergency rooms each year as a result of amusement park injuries. So, this isn’t something to take lightly. 

Additionally, children between the age of 10 and 14 account for most of these accidents. This is partly because kids are more negligent than adults and a huge number of amusement park goers tend to be children. 

If you’re sadly involved in an amusement park accident or your kid is, make sure you do the following things.

  1. File a Complaint

Serious and catastrophic accidents tend to get the attention of everyone, including park staff and management.

So, those ones don’t really need reporting. But there are some a bit more minor that will easily fly under the radar. You have to make sure they are reported and recorded. 

You’re entitled to certain damages if indeed you get injured in an amusement park. However, if the accident isn’t recorded, then it’s easy for the park management to deny any claims. 

But with a formal complaint made and properly filed, then you can easily be able to negotiate a deserved payment as a result of the injury.

  1. Gather Evidence

It’s also important to document the scene of the accident to later use as evidence. For instance, take pictures of any defective equipment. 

You may also want to gather people who witnessed the accident and take their names and contact information. 

If you’re lucky, maybe there’s someone in the crowd who recorded everything. This will help you a lot as you seek damages for these Orlando theme park accidents.

  1. Get Medical Attention 

You’ll also need to seek medical attention right away. This helps to address two things. 

First, you can never discount the possibility that you could actually be seriously hurt. It may not feel like it at the time, but still, a closer examination by a doctor is needed to rule everything out. 

Secondly, going to the hospital will give you a professional evaluation of the injuries and how serious they are. This will then be used to determine how much in damages you’re actually getting.

  1. Hire a Lawyer

Your lawyer is the only person who you can talk to with utmost confidence. Make sure you don’t talk to anybody else.

He or she is the one person you can tell anything and you’ll be sure it won’t be used against you in court. If park management tries to get a statement from you, decline immediately and get away from them. 

They may try to trick you into saying something that would later be used to harm your case. Any communication has to be done through your lawyer, including calls from the insurer. 

This will help keep everything professional and would eventually help to strengthen your case.

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