Key Steps In Preparing a Link Building Strategy

Link building is an important tool and a must-do if you want your site to succeed on the internet. Think of links as internet currency with the more you have of it, the better you will be. 

Links are important for SEO as the more links your site and content have, the higher your content’s search results will be on Google. Links help in growing your site’s audience and can generate traffic. Here are key steps in preparing a link building strategy. 

Get your name out through guest posting 

To start your link building strategy, you first need to get your name out, and a great way to do this is through a technology guest post by picking a site of your choice from Write good content and get it published on another high DA site for a ranking boost.

The way to do it is simple. The blog you write for is related to your niche and the topic you write about is based on the product or service or subject you deal in. You then add a link to your site or blog in the guest blog. This way, you get external links and increase traffic back to your blog and positively influence the Google algorithms to rank you high.

Know your content and your audience

Before you reach out to your audience, you first need to know who your audience is and what kind of content you plan on making. You need to understand who your current audience is or, if you are just starting, what ideal audience do you want your site to have. 

You have many digital tools at your disposal to research and check what kind of audience you have or want. You can also lookup sites and blogs you admire to see how best to get an audience. Know what you want to do and whom you are talking to.

Build your personal brand 

Your next step is to build your personal brand. The internet is a vast place, and it helps to stand out from the crowd. You need to have a concrete idea of what your site or blog is about and what kind of content you will create. 

Do not just try to be a carbon copy of blogs you like but find a way to mix your personal style with what you like about other sites. Know what you want to offer to your audience. As your link building grows, people must identify you and your content.

Create great content 

To generate links and have other websites link to your content, you must create great content. Use your knowledge and research to make the best content you could make. Make sure that it is well-written and nicely structured. 

Also, content does not necessarily mean written blogs as content can also mean a product, business, or service. Your goal is to create link-worthy posts so try to be creative and build your site and brand. If you already know your brand and audience, your content should come naturally to you.

Connect with desired sites

After you have your content ready, reach out to sites you want your content to be featured in. You want to have your content be linked to sites that fit your niche and attract your desired audience. Inform the sites about your content and ask them if they could write a post about it and link to you. 

Most legit sites would be ok to link to your site for free as both you and the website you want a link from are benefitted from the exchange. Avoid paying sites for links and offer sites genuinely useful or interesting content to attract their attention.

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