What is the Age That Corgis Don’t Grow Anymore?

Are you thinking of adopting a corgi? Then you should know that they come fun-sized which means that they are not a large dog breed. 

They’re built to have a short stature but that doesn’t mean that they stop growing while they’re still a puppy. 

In fact, it’s quite fascinating to track the growth and progression of a corgi because they typically stop growing when they reach one year so you have about 12 months to watch them grow and change in height and size. 

However, if you keep your dog healthy, they might continue to grow in bulk and width for another 2 to 3 years. 

A corgi is considered to be adult-sized by the age of 4 and you can tell because they look totally different from when they were a puppy. 

Why Are Corgi Puppies Short?

Corgis didn’t always start out so short but due to domestication and selective breeding, they became the size they are. 

Basically, corgis have inherited certain physical traits from previous corgis or their ancestors, therefore, things like head shape, height, hair color, skin color, temperament, and personality can all be inherited from previous generations. 

Where selective breeding comes into play is that humans decided that they liked certain characteristics from different breeds and would breed them together in order to create a single breed that exhibits all of those favorable characteristics. This is what we now refer to as domestication. It’s how it all started. 

They took friendly animals and bred them together to create personable breeds that are favorable to animals while steering completely away from the dog’s wolf origins. 

This means that the average corgi rescue pup is an amalgamation of dog breeds based on years and even centuries of selective breeding and development, to keep only their most favorable traits which we know and love. 

Are Corgis Small Dogs?

Although small, corgis aren’t a toy breed. In fact, they are considered to be small to medium in size. 

Their small stature does often cause confusion with some people that assume that they are toy dogs but you can’t put a corgi in your purse so there goes that. 

Corgis are sturdy and independent dogs with a big personality and they’re not as small as toy dogs such as the chihuahua or the Yorkshire terrier. 

How Fast Do Corgi Puppies Grow?

Corgis can grow pretty fast and they go through their biggest growth spurt during their first year. They often reach full adulthood at 1 year old. 

But, they may not be quite done growing because they will still get stockier as the years go by to the point where they are expected to reach a full size between 3 and 4 years of age. 

Corgis can also get obese if you overfeed them or give them too many treats, table scraps, or fatty foods. That’s why you should stick to a healthy and balanced diet to ensure healthy growth just as you would with yourself. 

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