5 Best Flower Picks for Mother’s Day

Looking for inspiration on what to give your mom this Mother’s Day? 

Flowers are a convenient, timeless gift and you can never go wrong with them. Almost all moms love flowers and will be delighted to receive them as a gift. 

Flowers are the fastest way to put a smile on your mom’s face and if you’re looking for inspiration on which flowers to send your mom this Mother’s Day, keep reading because we have some fantastic suggestions for you. 


Peonies are awesome Mother’s Day flowers that you can give to your mom and they come in different shades from red to pink and white. 

Peonies are associated with bringing good luck in marriage and they symbolize honor as well. They are best brought as a bouquet to create an interesting and vibrant arrangement. 


Orchids are trendy, elegant, and exotic. They are perfect for the stylish mom who likes to express herself in bold colors and new fashions. 

Of all the flowers, orchids are considered to be the most highly evolved and they’re also available in different colors and sizes. 

Surprisingly enough, orchids are quite easy to maintain despite being so pretty and exotic and you can never go wrong with the pink variety, as it is associated with femininity, poise, and elegance. 


Tulips are very versatile flowers that can mean different things depending on their color. For instance, purple tulips are a symbol of royalty, while red ones represent romantic love. 

Pink tulips are associated with affectionate feelings and white ones are said to bring about a cheerful disposition, and can also be utilized as a peace offering. 

Tulips are also available in different varieties, with the most common being lily-fringed, French, parrot, and fringed. 

When picking a tulip flower variety, it’s important to choose one that most represents your mom’s personality. 


Carnations are closely associated with the Mother’s Day tradition because the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, actually sent 500 white carnations to hundreds of mothers in her local West Virginia congregation in 1907, to celebrate the anniversary of her mother’s passing. 

As with any flower, carnations come in different varieties and colors too. White ones represent good luck, unconditional love, and purity, so they’re a safe bet for sure. 

Not only that, but carnations are long-lasting and easy to take care of too. 


You can never go wrong with roses, as they are considered to be a traditional Mother’s Day gift. 

Of course, you must be mindful of the color of roses that you pick, with pink being the most popular option for Mother’s Day as it symbolizes gratitude, love, and appreciation. 

Or, you could opt for white roses which represent purity, while cream-colored roses represent thoughtfulness. 


Roses are red, violets are blue, mothers are special and so are you. 

Show your mom that you care by getting her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and you’re guaranteed to put a smile on her face. 

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