5 Tips for an Easy DIY Siding Installation

If you are planning to implement your next home improvement idea, one thing you have to really think about is the cost. Home improvement projects are expensive and it’s the reason why it takes so long to get them done. 

But the great news is that you can actually save yourself a lot of money by completing these projects without hiring a contractor. This is what we call DIY projects and even though not all projects can be done by the homeowner, most are often easy enough. 

Take installing siding for example. While hiring an expert will always be the better option, this is a simple enough project for anyone to undertake as long as they know what they are doing. 

Besides, siding does offer several benefits. It gives your home a modern new look and can really help increase its value. 

In this post we will give you a few expert tips for DIY siding installation. Let’s get started:

Do Some Prep Work

It is very important to ensure all the prep work is done before the siding is installed. For starters, clean up exterior walls and remove dust and any other debris. 

Additionally, it is also important to fix any cracks on the wall. Remember that siding is a very good insulator but it will not be that effective if there are cracks on the walls. 

Get the Level Right 

You may also need to pick up the right level from the moment you begin installing the siding. 

We noticed that our top Minnesota siding contractor uses a starter strip from the beginning of the project until the end for leveling. Make sure you do this as well.

Install Siding at the Back of the House First

Yes, at the end of it all, the siding will be installed in all parts of the house. But a good rule is to always begin at the back. The reason for this is purely aesthetic. 

The back of the house is not visible to people walking along the street. This means that even if you make mistakes along the way, they are concealed from public view. You can then fix them later without any pressure.

Don’t Tighten the Siding a Lot

Don’t install the siding too tight otherwise it will start to bend. This will not only affect its structural integrity but it will make it look terrible. 

You will notice that modern siding comes with designated nail slots. The slots are put there intentionally by the manufacturers to ensure that you know exactly where each nail goes. 

This will help you avoid unintentionally tightening the siding.

Install Studs as Well

If you live in areas that get extreme weather events, then you have to prep your home for this. 

We know most people typically try to find the best Minneapolis roofing contractorswhen they are weatherproofing but you can still do a few things on your own. 

For instance, make sure that you’ve installed studs on your siding. This ensures that they are able to withstand any extreme weather events easily.

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