Ways to Improve the Rental Value of Your Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are nearly always more expensive than residential properties, and this is also because maintaining them can work out to be costly. However, there are many ways you can increase the buildings’ profitability and add more value to your commercial property. 

Maybe you’re a commercial property investor without the time to manage your properties. Affordable Property Management or APM can relieve you of all commercial property ownership burdens.  

Not only do they source more high-rate-of-return properties, but they screen tenants, focus on tenant retention by maintaining the property to improve it, collect rent, tackle all the details of a tenant lease, and handle all documentation. They also check that the building complies with statutes and administrative regulations.  

They’ve been in this business for more than three decades and their experience and skills make them an asset for any property owner. Just having them to contend with the maintenance of the buildings can add rental value to the place.  

Increase security 

Some commercial properties are targeted more than others by looters. Employees know this and they feel nervous when nothing is done to safeguard their lives while at work. Improving on or increasing the security of your building is a huge way to improve the rental value of your commercial property. 

Ensure your shop or restaurant is brightly lit up at night. A dark place just allows would-be thieves to take cover so invest in some good lighting that will show up suspicious activity. Make sure all doors have adequate locks on them and also a security gate to deter entry. A 24/7 alarm system that can deter burglars night and day will also increase confidence with those using the premises.  

Adding surveillance cameras is important if you want footage later on to identify the culprits. Another good deterrent is a sturdy perimeter fence. A formidable-looking chain link fence can be a great obstacle to overcome before thieves consider breaking into your place.  

Parking has to be plentiful and easy

With commercial property, especially beautiful commercial property with everything else going for it, good parking is overlooked. Car parking is important because it makes a difference to the success of the business. 

If customers have to drive around the block over and over again to find parking or suppliers can’t get close to make their deliveries, business isn’t going to happen and nobody will be interested in the property as parking obstacles hamper business. Parking issues can indirectly impact commercial property values and investors need to try and improve parking facilities by also giving them sufficient width. 

Parking is so important that if it’s not possible to improve it, it might be better to relocate. Certainly, neglecting to provide proper parking can take away from the value of your property.

Paying for own utilities 

If you own commercial properties and these are rented out to various tenants, you want to make sure that each tenant only pays for the water, gas and electricity that they use. Nobody wants to believe for one minute that they’re paying for somebody else. It’s why these days, tenants in commercial real estate property want sub-metered utilities, where each tenant is billed individually.

Every reasonable tenant will be prepared to pay for their water, electricity and gas usage. One of the best ways to add value to commercial property is to show tenants that you want to help make their tenancy more affordable and energy-efficient lighting should be part of the building’s infrastructure. 

They just don’t want to be paying one cent more for anybody else’s utilities. This is one excellent way to improve the rental value of a commercial property. 

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