How Cartoons and Anime Benefit College-Goers

College isn’t so uptight like schools. It has flexible schedules, with classes varying in number depending on the faculty. And the best part of it is that it’s not a must to attend a class. 

Now, this leaves a lot of time to college-goers that they mostly spend on activities like; playing sports, chilling, and relaxation, and watching shows, movies, cartoons, and anime. We know what you are thinking, “College goers watching cartoons and anime? Really?”.

Yes, they do watch them, but not the kind of cartoons you are thinking about. College goers usually watch Boondocks, Naruto, Samurai Champloo, American dad, and others like that. How do they benefit from watching them? Here is how?

Killing boredom

As we said earlier, college isn’t uptight as a school. It means that college-goers get a lot of that time to relax unless they are in the exam week. To avoid boredom, they usually opt to watch tv shows, cartoons, and anime. Why? Because, unlike shows, anime series are entertaining. It is hard to find an anime that is not entertaining, even if it’s a drama genre. 

Let us take the example of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. Naruto is the most entertaining anime of the last decade. It is very unpredictable and has a lot of action scenes in it and despite many filler episodes, everybody loves it. You can take a look at Naruto filler worth watching list though, before you plan to binge-watch every episode.

They give history lessons

Cartoons may be animations, but they are the best history tellers. We can agree that studying visually is better than reading books. College kids get to understand history better when watching cartoons rather than reading books. 

Cartoons like Boondocks and Black Dynamite have a funny way of telling history to the people. (example, the story of Martin Luther King the third in Boondocks). If you have watched any of these cartoon episodes, you can agree that it’s easier to learn on these episodes instead of reading books.

Learning foreign culture

It is no secret that cartoons are the epitome of cultures in the world. Almost all manga series portray their own creators’ culture. For example, Samurai Champloo has mostly portrayed Japanese culture and the introduction of foreign culture by westerners in Japan, for example; in the episode where they play baseball. 

Another example is boondocks, which portrays the culture of black Americans, how they use their language, their confrontations, racism, and other traits. All in all, cartoons are the best cultural disseminators worldwide, benefiting college-goers, especially if one takes cultural studies.

Learning a foreign language

Most anime series are Japanese. So, if you want to get an English version, you will have to stream or buy the dubbed version. The advantage of this is that college-goers from both sides (they perceive each other as foreigners) learn the foreign language easily. 

Some even go beyond and acquire the accents and dialects portrayed in those anime and cartoon series. For example, the Afro samurai series had a mix of two languages. One was Japanese English (with a slight Japanese accent), while the other was African American English portrayed by Afro samurai himself and his ghost friend.

They kickstart careers

In college, there are a lot of careers to explore. Some people tend to focus much on arts, writing and linguistics, and lastly, design. All these career paths mentioned may inspire a college-goer in kickstarting a career. 

For example, Anthony Fantano started reviewing in college, writing music reviews for music albums and even cartoon albums. The graphics of a cartoon may inspire college animators into cartoon and anime animation.

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