Benefits to Your Kids of Maximizing Natural Air and Light in Your Home

Since the start of the pandemic, many kids have been at home due to the closure of schools and often spend a great deal of time in home study. If your home study does not receive enough natural air and light, this could have a negative effect on both their mental and physical health. 

As parents, you may have taken great pains when it comes to other details of a home study but have you given enough thought to how much sunlight enters the room and if there is enough fresh air circulating? Here are some reasons why this is so important. 

Boosts mental health

Research shows that natural light helps boost mental health. Sunlight stimulates the brain to produce serotonin, the chemical associated with feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that happens when seasons change and is linked to decreases in serotonin and melatonin due to a lack of sunlight. Letting sunlight in during the darker months of the year is especially important as the days are shorter. 

If you’re concerned about the costs of renovating a home office to include more natural light and air, keep in mind that more natural lighting is likely to increase the value of your home. HX Home Solutions is a Chicago remodeling company with many years of experience that will handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. 

Increases mental alertness and concentration

Many studies have shown that exposure to natural light increases concentration and focus. Breathing in oxygen from natural air also improves concentration and makes the brain function better. 

Proper ventilation helps lower the blood pressure and heart rate, clean out the lungs, and prevent lung-related illnesses related to poor ventilation. All of this is beneficial in promoting concentration. 

Improves immune function 

More oxygen helps the white blood cells to function better so they are effective in fighting against bacteria and viruses. The body converts sunlight into vitamin D in the human body, which is important for many reasons. 

It has a wide-ranging effect on health, including strengthening the immune system, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, supporting lung health and regulating insulin levels. Having your home study set up to receive as much sunlight as possible means your kids can receive some of their daily dose of vitamin D. 

A Chicago remodeling contractor can install windows in your home study if necessary to reduce mold, promoting humidity and promote healthy immune function. 

Reduces eye strain

Kids continually look at computer and cell phone screens and this can cause eye strain. Fluorescent light bulbs can elicit an elevated stress response in some kids. 

Exposure to natural light helps to reduce their eye strain and reduce the risks of eye damage. This is very important when it comes to developing healthy eyesight in kids, as a lack of sunlight can disrupt dopamine production. Dopamine aids healthy eye development in kids. 

Helps kids to sleep better

Exposure to natural light during the day can help your kids to sleep better. Their inner clock tells them when to sleep and when to wake up and this is triggered by light and darkness. When this rhythm is disrupted, it has an effect on their sleeping patterns. Exposing them to more natural light than artificial light can help to regulate their sleeping patterns. 

Including sunlight and fresh air in any of your remodeling plans will improve your indoor air quality and natural light and create a healthier home study for your kids. 

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