The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea in the Morning

Many people start their day off with a jolt of coffee to get the day started, but if you want to get your day to start with a flyer, then you should resort to tea. Tea is not only a tasty and refreshing brew, it is also a healthy morning booster. The great thing is that you can mix things up because not all tea has the same effect or health benefit. 

Fight off free radicals

Green and black tea is loaded with antioxidants in the form of polyphenols and is the perfect starter for the mornings. Every day, the body builds up free radicals. These oxygen molecules tend to bond with other molecules and can cause some hectic chemical reactions in the body. 

When these molecules are left alone, they can cause some serious damage and bring about conditions like diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and cancer. 

Antioxidants seem to stabilize these free radicals and negate the damage they cause. You could try and build up your antioxidant levels with food, but some teas have up to 10 times the amount as fruit and veggies. 

Tackling those unwanted pounds  

The best tea for overall wellness is arguably green tea, but several teas will do the trick as well. On, you can find out about catnip tea and its health benefits and a host of other teas like green tea, ginger tea and others with distinct benefits.

That being said, if green tea is not your cup of tea (excuse the pun), then there are several others that you can also indulge in. Ginger tea is among the tastiest teas around and has amazing weight loss properties. Gingerol is the active phenolic compound that helps with reducing insulin, glucose levels, and weight. It goes great with some lemon and honey and is the perfect starter to the day if weight loss is your goal. 

Tea does wonders for stress relief

We have all seen those movies where someone had a bad day and was offered a cup of tea to make things better. It seems absurd that a hot beverage could change a person’s wellbeing in such a short time. This is an instance where the movies do not exaggerate. 

Tea contains the amino acid, L-theanine which is known for its soothing effects on the mind. Studies have shown that black tea can reduce a person’s cortisol levels by as much as 47%. The caffeine in the tea also gives you a boost and keeps you alert. 

Tea gives you an energy boost

Many people do not know this, but tea contains a fair amount of caffeine and is a great substitute for coffee in the morning. Whereas coffee can have too much caffeine and mess with your adrenaline levels, tea is much more subtle. 

The caffeine blocks the neurotransmitters adenosine, which makes way for other neurotransmitters like dopamine to fire. This creates the feeling of a rise in energy levels. Taking a cup in the morning can give you that boost that you need to start your day without the possibility of feeling jumpy because of too much caffeine. 

Tea can boost your brain function

Tea provides the best combination of L-theanine and caffeine. This is the perfect mix of compounds that can make you smarter. Where the caffeine increases the levels of dopamine that make you more alert, the L-theanine does the same and also produces more alpha waves. 

The combination of these effects helps to boost brain function, but specifically memory and focus. Taking your elixir in the morning gets you ready to take on the day with complete focus. 

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