Tips on Impressively Readying Up for Your First Date

There is nothing like a first date to get the blood pumping. For most people, the first date is equally daunting as it is exciting and more often than not, nerves triumph as the winner, leaving either one or both of the people on the date with a red face or an awkward feeling of regret. 

Nevertheless, regardless of how daunting it can be, you should still prepare for your date and chances are that it will be better than expected. 

Do some grooming

Whether you are a guy or a girl is irrelevant. Personal appearance counts for a great deal on a first date. You want to look your best and smell your best as well. When it comes to cologne, though, guys tend to overdo it. They also tend to stick to what they know and miss out on all the new and exciting fragrances out there. 

Ed hardy cologne is perfect for these occasions, seeing that you have a massive selection to choose from. At Perfume Empire, you can have your pick of a wide selection and wear something new on every date. 

The point of grooming and putting your best foot forward is to show that you are invested in the date and hopeful that it will turn into something more. 

Do not overcomplicate things

The fact that you are going on a first date means that you already have an idea of what the other person likes. Now is not the time to pull out all the stops and make romantic gestures that belong in a Hollywood movie. 

A simple date with dinner and a movie or walk on the boulevard after dinner is perfect and allows you to relax. There are no major plans that can go wrong so you should also have less stress. Being nervous on a first date is almost inevitable, but you can determine how nervous you are going to be.

Go with a topic plan

A major reason for first-date blowouts is an awkward conversation. People sometimes need time to warm up and loosen up before they can get into the date. To make things easier on yourself, think about some topics that you can mix into the conversation. 

Again, there is no need to get all philosophical and try and discuss complicated and heavy topics. Keep it light and probing and try and find out what the other person likes and dislikes. There are countless topics to choose from, but if you do not prepare some, they tend to leave your mind at the moment. 

Be there

When you are on the date, your phone is to be left well alone. Although this is not technically prepping for the date, it does make a massive difference. Our cellphones have become major distractions and often get in the way of meaningful conversations. 

Be prepared to put your phone away and even switch it off if you are not expecting any emergency calls. The people close to you will probably know that you are on a date and will not bother you. The only time when you can pull out your phone is if the opportunity presents itself for a cute selfie.

Practice listening

Your heart will probably race for a while until you get settled in the date, but then you need to up your listening game. Nothing says that I am not that into you than not paying attention. While your date is speaking, let them know that you are listening by asking questions and at least acknowledge that you are listening.

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