Accidents That Can Occur While DIY Roof Repairing

The main reason why you will choose a DIY roof repair is to save money that a contractor will charge you. A few DIY roof repairs succeed without hitches, but most of them go wrong. The roof is high and steep and the chances of falling off are more. 

You might not even have the least experience with roof repair and you might leave your roof in a worse state. Most accident victims who fall off the roof get permanent back injuries and spend thousands of dollars for treatment. You should always let an expert repair your roof. 

Collapsing roofs

One reason why the roof of your house leaks is age meaning the roofing material becomes weak, including the truss and tiles. Your house could be more than fifty years old and due to many years of weathering, it happens that the roof cannot hold your weight and it collapses, leading to serious injuries. 

Before you climb on top of the roof, you must first test its strength and a roofing professional is better placed to do the testing. Rainscape Roofing Contractors are experts in roofing and will know the weak points to check before climbing up the roof. 

The number one Kansas City roofing contractor has more than ten years of experience in roofing, gutter, and drainage solutions. Their experienced team will handle any type of roof, including asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, metal roofing, wood shingles, and other roof components like siding and gutters. 


Another major safety precaution you should take when doing roof repairs is avoiding live wires. Most DIY roof repairers ignore this important precaution because of the assumption that there are no electrical wires above the roof. 

The ladder can hook to a live wire and you become electrocuted. Live wires could also be running above the ceiling and after removing a tile on your roof, you become exposed to the wires. 

Falling off

Falling off the roof is the main cause of back injuries because of the height of the fall. Several factors can contribute to falling off the roof but the main one is sliding off. The roof gradient can be steep and your body might lack enough grip. If the weather is humid, the roof can be wet and slippery, leading to a fall. 

Another cause for fall is when you are working at the edge of the roof and your weight spins you to the ground. The ladder could also lack stability and it slides off under your weight. Your best solution is to entirely avoid the DIY approach and rather involve roofing contractors in the roof repair process. 


Your work tools might seem harmless, yet many accidents occur due to the mishandling of work tools. If you are inexperienced with handling the hammer, you can strike your finger and cause severe injury. While using a hammer, some DIY repairers drive a nail right through their finger while others have sawed their hands, causing deep cuts. 

Other tools that can cause serious injuries include drills, grinders, and welding rods and it can lead to amputation of your hand or leg. Always let some experienced personnel handle the tools and do the roof repair work. 

Falling objects 

Falling objects might not directly affect you as an individual, but someone else on the ground can be affected. A whole chunk of tile might fall off and hit someone on the ground leading to death or serious head injuries. Other falling objects could be lumber debris, ladder, nails, hammer, gutters, and so on. They must be properly secured to avoid injuries and possible lawsuits. 


Welding tools can cause serious burns when not properly handled and can set the house on fire leading to total loss of property. Unless you have experience in building and construction or have studied in the field, you should avoid a DIY roof repair. 

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