Working Out the Best Hashtags for Your TikTok Videos

The TikTok and the hashtag connection has often been a point of discussion and with its increased use, it has been established that these hashtags can play a major role in grabbing more attention towards your TikTok videos. 

Now, this may look easy, but there are some points to consider before using hashtags, as it is important to use the right ones instead of choosing to go with many, most of which are irrelevant. Here, it’s important to know what relevant hashtags on TikTok mean.

Branded hashtags

Brands have a great shot at making trending content and grab high views. The best way to do so on the TikTok platform is by creating a fun campaign that offers participation by users. The beauty of the TikTok platform is that even organic content can trend or go viral on the platform.

Engaging content can also be generated by coining new terms that help create the identity and bring quick fame. In the past, videos have coined or made terms famous through the platform. For example, Whew Chile is a term that went viral on the platform and this explained the possibilities of generating new trends. You can learn about more such great trending words and find TikTok word explained nicely on

Easy discoverability 

Hashtags help unlock a new group of viewers and potential followers on the TikTok post. How this works is simple – using the right hashtags that easily define the video, the video is taken to the community page and appears on the first view list of videos. 

Let’s understand this with an example. If your TikTok video is about a useful beauty hack, then using a hashtag like #beauty #beautyhacks #clean skin can help you reach a group of users who enjoy watching such videos. The TikTok algorithm also plays around with hashtags and their placement on the platform. Each video is an opportunity to use hashtags and reach new users.

Helps create a community

The For You Page on your TikTok app features content from categories and hashtags that viewers are enjoying at large. As a hashtag starts to trend, it appears all over the feed displaying multiple videos that use the hashtag. Using the algorithm, you can use trending and specific hashtags to get the content to appear on the pages at first to users. 

Create your fun hashtags 

As much as you can leverage trending and fun hashtags, you could do the same by creating your hashtags. Upon strategically using the right hashtags that relate to the content, your custom hashtags have a complete chance to trend on TikTok. 

If not more, it can help attract higher views and perhaps gain a few new followers as well. Creating, uploading, and consuming content is an everyday affair, making viral content fun yet short-lived on any social media platform.

To increase viewership and engagement, the idea is to be present on multiple channels. Have fun with content, hashtags, and captions to offer great content. 

Find a balance 

The use of too many hashtags on one video seldom brings in the result as the content is scattered on different page categories and hardly can show up as trending. Each user needs to find a balance between the broad and niche hashtags. Choose relevant hashtags to target the right user group.

A good way to learn is to watch and grow. Follow leading content creators and notice their hashtag use and strategic social media posts that get them additional views, apart from their followers.

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