Five In-Trend Things You Must Introduce Your Kids to

The world is beginning to emerge from one of its most challenging chapters in living memory: a coronavirus pandemic that has run rampant through countries worldwide, leaving millions of people worldwide mourning the loss of loved ones. Global authorities are adamant that this pandemic can be brought under control, although it will take longer in some areas than others.

However, a pandemic is not enough to keep your kids down for long. Here are five things that parents are introducing their children to right now:


This Japanese genre of movies and TV series has many families hooked. Most discovered it during the long months of lockdown and public health restrictions. Anime comes in two forms: canon and filler. 

Canon is content adapted from a novel or script written by the story’s original author. Filler does not come from the original series and is not sanctioned by its author. To determine which episodes of massive anime series like Boruto are canon, features a comprehensive list of each type, which you can find by visiting  

Make anime part of your family quality time together as parents and children can discuss some vital themes in these shows. They open the door for deeper conversations about life and how to navigate it successfully.

The classics

Speaking of things to watch on the small screen, many parents are introducing their children to the classics. These are the movies they watched growing up. While the technology might not be as cutting-edge as today’s filmmaking is, these cinematic masterpieces still hold value and can bridge the generational gap.

The same goes for music. If you hear a few Gen Z kids humming tunesfrom the 80s and 90s, know that their parents have taken them on a musical trip back in time. Spending time together, including watching some latest films and listening to popular music, allows parents and children to bond.

The great outdoors

Now that summer is here and going outside is safe again, many parents are reintroducing their children to outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, and camping. Being cooped up indoors for so long has taught us to appreciate Mother Nature more than we did before COVID hit.

Younger generations are more concerned about the planet’s conservation than those that have preceded them. Give them an understanding of what they are fighting for by allowing them to explore the beauty of nature.


If COVID taught us one thing, it was that economic certainty is a luxury few people have. After record-breaking unemployment figures became headlines, many people realized that they would not get their old jobs back any time soon. These folks turned to earning money by putting their knowledge and skills to work and starting businesses.

Entrepreneurship is a skill everychild should understand as it could be their saving grace if another calamity like COVID were to strike again. From the time children are young, encourage them to explore their entrepreneurial side and develop business ideas to earn extra money.

Going old school

Over a year of lockdowns left some parents with no idea what to do to keep their kids busy. After all, there is only so much time they can spend staring at a screen. Many parents decided to use this opportunity to introduce some quite old-fashioned hobbies to their children.

These include knitting, quilting, embroidering, and woodwork. Many tweens and teens are continuing with these hobbies even now that life is returning to pre-pandemic normal. While their products make wonderful gifts, they also reinforce children’s eye span, concentration levels, and hand-eye coordination, making them a win-win all around.

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