When Dealing with a Suspicious Partner Becomes Difficult

Problems pop up in the best of relationships and marriages. It is easier said than done, but the idea within a relationship is to talk about problems and find a solution to get your relationship back on track. Then again, when dealing with a suspicious partner becomes so difficult as to be unbearable, it may be time to get out of the relationship. 

Marriage counseling for mental distress

Amid all the suspicions and accusations, you should try not to become run down. Your sanity relies on you to remain calm. Your partner may well be suffering from some insecurities from their childhood, but if their behavior is making it impossible for you to live a normal life, it is advisable to consult an expert.

Marriage counselling from Interactive Counselling can turn things around for your good if your partners’ suspicious nature is causing you mental distress. If you don’t want to break up, then this counseling, offered at hours to suit you both and in a format that accommodates you both, can be just what your marriage needs to turn things around. 

Avoid antagonistic behavior

A relationship can’t succeed without trust, and pretty soon, it will fall apart. No relationship can be happy if one partner is constantly suspicious, questioning every whereabout and every action in the most unreasonable manner. You aren’t even allowed to be friendly as it’s misconstrued as being too flirtatious. Personal space has its place in a successful marriage. 

With a suspicious partner, it doesn’t help to strike out verbally. If you know that your spouse is jealous of you talking to the opposite sex, try and avoid antagonizing them when you’re out with other people. A change in your behavior might just give your partner the added confidence they need in themselves. 

Get professional help

If the suspicious behavior of your spouse is getting out of control and if you’re being physically assaulted due to their unreasonable suspicions, you may need to call in the police. If you want to avoid this route for fear of what your partner can do, you should see a counselor as soon as possible. 

They can see the situation from another angle and the only way out may well be a divorce. A reputable counselor can help you work through things that you thought impossible. 

You can see a therapist as an individual or as a couple. If you go as an individual, they can help you discover calming strategies. They are someone you can trust and you’ll learn how to use sense and logic during the suspicious outbursts of your partner. 

Don’t be coerced into giving up your life

You always have to be alert to signs of unhealthy kinds of behavior in a love relationship. The reason for this is that these kinds of ‘innocent’ actions can lead to other forms of abuse. An unhealthy relationship can start with something small such as some suspicion or jealousy but it can move to emotional and physical abuse. 

Don’t for one minute confuse unhealthy suspicion or jealousy for love. A loving partner won’t force you to behave in certain ways or force you to give up your friends, family, and your hobbies. When you’re out, they’re calling you and SMS-ing you non-stop to find out if you are where you said you’d be. It can’t go on. You’re your own person with your own life. 

Suspicion can be allowed to fester

Signs of suspicious jealousy from your partner will include prowling around and checking on the partner’s activities and even going through their phone numbers and emails.

An overactive imagination is part of a suspicious mind and most times, the suspicions turn out to be totally irrational. Unless help is sought, this kind of senseless jealousy can fester and accumulate inside the person and devour them, making them miserable and sick. Learning how to deal with suspicious jealousy is critical to maintaining a healthy relationship. Love and trust in married life will be absent if suspicion is allowed to fester.

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