Why is a Blog Website Important for YouTubers?

YouTube is a powerful tool for video creators and the top site for video-hosted content. So why should YouTubers set up a blog website too? Having a website offers certain advantages, such as having total control over the content and providing an opportunity to connect with audiences in ways other than posting videos. 

Control your website

One of the problems with YouTube is a lack of control. YouTube can block your channel at any time if you do something that unwittingly violates its terms and conditions. With your own website, you have total control over your content. 

You can link your YouTube videos but also upload content without any fears of it being flagged or restricted. You can publish many different content types that give you the chance to connect with a broader audience. Every video you post on your YouTube channel should contain a call to action to be completed on your website. 

A website is a place where you can share the news that doesn’t fit in video format and gain subscribers to an email list. If you fear you won’t be able to manage your blog website and your YouTube channel, you can always use the blog management service provided by Real Authority Media, to manage it for you. 

Develop your brand

Developing an audience for your website in addition to your followers on YouTube will give you more opportunities for engagement. By blogging and connecting all of your online platforms to your website, it will become the center of your brand. 

If you spread your videos far and wide, more people will view them but writing great blog posts on your website gives you a wider audience and means the site will get indexed by Google. People won’t only find your videos on YouTube but see that you have a website too. You can rank in the search results outside of YouTube and grow your audience. 

Monetize your blog

You can redirect your audience to your website, where you have control over the products you want to sell and advertising. With your blogs, you can address specific topics and then use appropriate affiliate links. It is fairly easy to get approved by some affiliate networks. 

YouTube can take up to 45% of your revenues. You don’t have to make money from ad revenue on your website. If you sell an ebook or other digital content, you will get all the profit. It’s also the perfect place to sell merchandise for your YouTube channel. 

Avoid all the YouTube distractions

On your website, viewers can watch your videos without all the distractions that come with YouTube. All the suggestions of other videos to watch may prevent them from spending time on your video. It is very easy to just jump to the next video. 

When viewers interact with content like your blog posts or videos on your website, it deepens the connection with your brand. Giving your website visitors exclusive access to videos you don’t publish on YouTube can cement the connection. 

Share details about your collaborations and services

Your website is a great place to share details about your collaborations with other YouTubers or influencers. You can invite viewers to listen to interviews you’ve given on podcasts or meet you at online conferences. 

You can also use your website to offer courses, one-on-one consulting or group coaching. You can offer all kinds of different content that works for different audiences. Your YouTube channel and your blog website will both work together to increase your brand reach, build your brand reputation and increase your revenue. 

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