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When it comes to matching national demographics, Medford isn’t even close

The folks at WalletHub have taken national data, categorized it into four broad areas: Socio-demographic, housing, economic, and educational rankings. The consumer and business research firm then ranked Metropolitan Statistical Areas according to how close they matched up against the overall national figures. Medford isn’t exactly a mirror image of America, ranking 238 out of [...]

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If you’ve got the time, BLS has a tome for you

Marketing costs are an overhead expense that can differ between brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers because of different advertising needs. With more visibility to customers, retailers with storefronts in well-frequented shopping areas are typically less affected than e-commerce retailers by changes in marketing costs. By contrast, online retailers may be more dependent on advertising to direct customers to their “electronic storefront.” In 2012, on average, electronic and mail-order shopping retailers spent 3 times that of store retailers on advertising and promotions per dollar of sales.8

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It’s back, back, back, back to school time

Those trips to Bi-Mart, Target, Freddy’s and Rogue Valley Mall are in the rearview mirror, well mostly. My daughter begins her final year of college next month, which creates a checklist all of its own. Back-to-School sales begin within a week of Sirrius XM plays America’s annual anthem “School’s Out” for the thousandth time. Much [...]

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In the end, you pay for those mega endorsements

I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t get it. And I will repeatedly say, I don’t get it. Sports wear maker Under Armour has reportedly offered Kevin Durant $265 million to endorse its brand. That’s more than Jeff Bezos paid for The Washington Post. That’s almost as much money as the New York [...]

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So how would you define ‘solopreneur’?

If you are an entrepreneur or sole proprietor, this might be for you. Author Jackie B. Peterson will address the opportunities for what she calls solopreneurs during a Southern Oregon University Small Business Development Center symposium Sept. 30 at the Higher Education Center in downtown Medford. Peterson defines solopreneur as an individual business owner whose [...]

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Big boy investors chasing after Grocery Outlet

A study done for Wells Fargo Bank 55 percent of Hispanics in the United States

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AmericanWest owners seeking ways to cash out

Private equity shows know no passion for products and services, it simply demands a high rate of return with little consideration to anyone or anything else. Harry & David (Wasserstein & Co.) and Guitar Center (Bain Capital) are local examples of what happens once private equity firms sink their teeth into an otherwise good thing, [...]

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Study finds Oregon’s exports slow to recover

Demand for Oregon products hasn’t kept pace with the rest of the country, following the Great Recession. An economic analysis by Beacon Economics found the state’s share of total U.S. exports has declined in recent years. During the decade prior to the downturn,1997 to 2008, Beacon Economics discovered Oregon’s average real growth for exports was [...]

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Biomass One among USDA’s chosen sites

Biomass One LP on Avenue G in White City is one of 36 energy facilities in 14 states designated by the U.S. Agriculture Department to accept biomass deliveries through the Biomass Crop Assistance Program. Biomass owners who supply such facilities may qualify for delivery assistance starting this week. The Ag Department said half of the [...]

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Dollar Tree ready to scoop up Family Dollar

When all is said and done, maybe they’ll call it the Family Tree. With the dollar buying significantly less each turn of the calendar, it makes plenty of sense for heavyweights of the dollar-store to combine their resources. Dollar Tree announced its plans today, concerning a $9.2 billion cash-and-stock deal, including debt assumption. The acquisition [...]

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