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Running Efficient Software Projects using Six Sigma

Applying Six Sigma to software projects is not quite the same as applying it to product or process quality improvement in manufacturing. However, there is a misconception that it applies doesn’t apply to software projects. The truth is that the techniques and tools of Six Sigma can help software companies. Of course, software projects are […]

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Without the Crowds

Not only is Mt. Kilimanjaro Africa’s highest mountain, but it is also a challenging climb that you will find very rewarding. The beauty of the mountain itself and the view from the top are enough to motivate even the most exhausted climber to keep going. Frequent climbers who have summited Mt. Kilimanjaro cite it as […]

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A Tummy Tuck Does What Diet and Exercise Can’t

Sometimes, despite all your efforts at dieting and exercising, you just don’t see the results you’re looking for. You may have lost weight but you still have folds of excess skin you can do nothing about. Perhaps your abdominal muscles are weak and separated from pregnancy and childbirth. In these cases, a tummy tuck procedure […]

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The Causes of Foundation Water Damage and Tips to Guard Against It

The destructive power of water is evident to anyone who has seen a storm surge or a river bursting its banks. However, water can do more damage than merely destroying structures. Pooled water in and around your home can cause foundation damage, which will compromise the integrity of the structure over time. What is foundation […]

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5 Road Trip Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Drive

Road trips can be enormous fun for the whole family. This is particularly true when you prepare well for your road trip. Taking the necessary measures to ensure that your trip will be comfortable is an important consideration.  Making every effort to guarantee a safe road trip is right there at the top of the […]

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What is Excessive Force? Is it Battery?

When police officers arrest a suspect, they have a right to use the amount of force they consider reasonable. Excessive force refers to force in excess of what is considered reasonable. When a police officer uses excessive force, it is possible to hold the person liable.  When to file an excessive force claim To file […]

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5 Simple Diet Improvements for Mesothelioma Patients

Patients with mesothelioma who are undergoing treatment need the right kind of diet to support their immune systems and give them the best opportunity to recover. Treatment for this type of cancer can cause digestive system issues and the side effects are often nausea, diarrhea, constipation and loss of appetite.  Patients may feel too sick […]

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How Do I Find the Right Wrongful Death Attorney for Me?

The loss of a loved one is always a heart-rending experience, and it can be worse when it happens unexpectedly. A senseless tragedy as a result of a crime, a car accident, a medical error or the use of a defective product can cause untold distress. There are many reasons why families of loved ones […]

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How Long Does My Content Have to Be for SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to publishing content that is written in such a way as to garner clicks, likes, and visits. To do this, you need to use specific keywords in your writing, as these are what will generate traffic on your site. As search trends, keywords, and algorithms change seemingly daily, it’s essential […]

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Who wins or loses if minimum wage stays put?

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian announced today Oregon’s minimum wage will go unchanged in 2016. Nonetheless, Oregon’s minimum wage remains among the highest in the nation. “Despite rising housing, child care and other household costs, Oregon’s minimum wage will remain $9.25,” the release began. There was no mention of other rising costs, including local and state […]

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