Author Archives: Greg Stiles SEC filing provides peek into Harry & David revenue and cost figures

Harry & David’s parent company, provided better insight into its performance in a government filing today. Harry & David produced net revenue of $319.9 million and operating income of approximately $41.6 million during the first three quarters of fiscal 2015, Sept. 30-March 29. The floral, food and gift company, based on Long Island, N.Y., [...]

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Feeling like a few days in Italy? Medford/Jackson County Chamber has trip planned just for you

The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County has a nine-day journey to Italy in the works, including stops in Sister City Alba and Milan, site of the World’s Fair that opened last weekend. The Medford contingent will take in the International White Truffle Festival in Alba and visit Lake Como in the Alpine foothills  north of Milan. [...]

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Erickson signs construction, firefighting and logging deals, but investors remain a tough sell

Investors remain a tough sell for Erickson, but the aviation services firm has managed to find a couple new customers. The now Portland-based company, whose roots and employee base remain in the Rogue Valley, announced a new contract today following a renewals with the U.S. Forest Service and a Canadian firm earlier this week. Philipines [...]

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Nothing succeeds like … a good wine promotion

Oregon wines will fly free on Alaska Airlines for another two years. The Oregon Wines Fly Free program, encouraging passengers traveling from Oregon on Alaska Airlines to check a case of Oregon wine for free, has been extended through 2017. Backed by the Oregon Wine Board, Travel Oregon and Alaska Airlines, Oregon launched a trial [...]

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Judge tells pilots to keep Allegiant airborne

Call it a near miss. Allegiant Air pilots were set to go on strike today. Meaning flights from Medford to Las Vegas and Los Angeles would have been cancelled because the Las Vegas-based travel company didn’t have enough back-ups available. The pilots union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1224, announced Wednesday it’s veteran pilots [...]

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State senate president says there will be no minimum wage increase during 2015 session


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Rep. Mike McLane, northeast Jackson County

Just before heading out of town, Minority leader Mike McLane told business leaders from Southern Oregon, what they have heard repeatedly: “To be blunt, business is suffering a death by a thousand cuts,” McLane he said. He said HB 2386, sent back to committee earlier in the day, the form in which it was sent [...]

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Duane Stark

Freshman state Rep. Duane Stark (R-Grants Pass) said the first two-plus months of his first term in Salem have produced a powerful impression. “It reminds me of my first varsity football game,” Stark, a Hidden Valley High School graduate told members of three Southern Oregon chambers of commerce. “The very first play of the game [...]

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Betsy Earls, VP and Counsel, Associated Oregon Industries

Members of the three Southern Oregon chambers of commerce continue to hear from legislators and industry insiders. Two minority reports, the result of both Democrat and Republican opposition have for now stalled a House Bill 2386, which authorizes the Bureau of Labor and Industry to issue potentially unjustified cease and desist orders to employers creating [...]

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Sal Esquivel

In addressing members of  three Southern Oregon chambers of commerce at the state capital, Rep, Sal Esquivel (R-Medford) said it was important for employers to write to Democrats Peter Buckley and Alan Bates, expressing their thoughts on an array of Democrat legislative initiatives ranging from wage claims liability and mandatory paid sick leave to increased [...]

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