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Morning mail: Harry & David’s Organic Fruit Club

Got an extra $33, or so, a month lying around and a hankering for organic fruit? You know about Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Club, the gourmet food and gift company also has an Organic Fruit Club Collection aimed at impressing clients, the loved ones you left back in New England, or on […]

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Medford area foreclosure rate continues to drop

CoreLogic reports a year-over-year drop in the foreclosure rate for the Medford area. Foreclosures among outstanding mortgage loans stood at 2.06 percent in June 2015, down 0.60 percentage points compared to June 2014 when it was 2.66 percent. Still, foreclosure activity in Medford was higher than June’s national foreclosure rate of 1.28 percent. Reflecting better […]

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Have you developed ways to build assets over the long haul?

Thanks to those of you who responded to my cell phone query. Looking for help on another story. I’m working on a piece about income inequity. Not looking for opinions here, but am looking for ways you’ve tried, successfully or otherwise, to enhance your financial assets over a period of years. I can be reached […]

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When it comes to summer road trips, we’re No. 1

A new study has determined Oregon is the best state to take a summer road trip. Not surprising, but definitely a bone of contention for naysayers from other states. WalletHub’s Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips weighed 20 components in three broad categories and ranked the Beaver State No. 1 ahead of  Nevada, Minnesota, […]

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Former DCH vice chairman departs Lithia Motors

Former DCH Auto Group vice chairman is leaving Lithia Motors on July 1. Automotive News reports Susan Scarola,  one of the most high-profile women in auto retailing played a pivotal role in bringing the high-volume import retailer into Lithia’s fold last year. Since the deal was closed in October, she has been Lithia’s  “industry ambassador.” […]

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Spoof call of the, or something like that

We all get those nauseating calls from non-existent entities, with spoof numbers either belonging to someone else or no one at all. Today I returned a call, via my work line, after one spoofer left a voice mail left a number about a fraud investigation. One never knows these days when we might get a […]

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Check out online rentals prior to hitting the road

The rise of online vacation rental sites has provided greater access to affordable stays. Better Business Bureau says there are risks consumers need to understand as well. Operations such as Airbnb, VRBO and FlipKey supply an array of possibilities, but travelers may want to give some of them a pass during their planning. Better Business […]

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An indepth look at public solar projects

Even on a cloudy day, solar panels are collecting rays. Here’s the first in a series of reports by the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Local Self-Reliance, discussing public solar efforts, the opportunities and barriers. Many of the targeted areas are in the West and Southwest, including Oregon. +++ Consumer Federation of America reported 20 percent of […]

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Cash deals for homes inches toward normal levels

Investors made their play in the years after the real estate bubble collapsed pushing huge volumes of distressed housing on to the market. Cash sales generated to a great degree from investors reallocating funds, are settling down as the real estate market heads toward a normal cycle. Real estate data and analytics firm CoreLogic reported […]

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Harry & David’s parent company, provided better insight into its performance in a government filing today. Harry & David produced net revenue of $319.9 million and operating income of approximately $41.6 million during the first three quarters of fiscal 2015, Sept. 30-March 29. The floral, food and gift company, based on Long Island, N.Y., […]

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