Session had mixed results

Sen.Doug Whitsett

Sen.Doug Whitsett

From my perspective, the legislative session that adjourned Thursday resulted in mixed outcomes.

We secured significant funding for all three of the regional universities that serve District 28. Oregon Institute of Technology received more than $33 million to consolidate their Wilsonville campus and to expand their geothermal electric generation project at the Klamath Falls campus. Another $26 million was provided for building projects at Southern Oregon University and $5 million for the OSU Cascades campus in Bend.

I invested a great deal of effort in two bills that will make a significant difference for the rural Oregon economy.

HB 3636 allows voluntary contributions on the more than one million annual applications for hunting licenses, tags and special hunts. All money received will be distributed to the counties where the hunts are to be held. The money will be used solely for the management and control of predatory wildlife. The bill passed both chambers without dissent and awaits the governor’s signature.

SB 264 significantly curtails regulations that restrict access to Oregon’s highways. Current restrictions create a huge negative economic impact on Oregon businesses and on job creation. The governor has signed that bill into law.

Business friendly legislators did a good job of playing defense. We stopped passage of more than 150 blatantly anti-business bills including more than 20 potential tax increases. Growth in fees and charges also were held to a minimum.

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