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The Oregon Legislature is back in session and that means Legislative Outtakes is back in business.

This blog was created to supplement coverage of the 2011 session with dispatches directly from legislators representing various portions of Jackson County. We’re going to do the same thing this year.

We’ve invited the seven legislators – three members of the Senate and four members of the House – to give us their insights on what’s happening in Salem.

We’ve asked them to write each week , sending us as much as they want to say on any topic here on the blog. We’ll run their comments unedited (save for spell check and minor grammatical fixes if needed), and will even include links, videos and other resources if they provide them. Then, in our Sunday Opinion pages, we’ll run a collection of short comments from each legislator.

Readers will be able to offer comments on this blog, too. We ask that those comments be kept civil and focused on issues. Some legislators (or their staff) may respond from time to time, but anyone who wants to ensure a comment is received by a legislator’s office should send it to the office directly. We’ve provided links to each legislator’s web sites.

We hope this blog will again be a popular and positive way to keep readers informed about what’s going on in the state Capitol and for legislators to communicate with their constituents.

Anita Burke, Web editor
Mail Tribune

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