Oregon’s healthcare reform is an accomplishment

Alan Bates

Sen. Alan Bates

When it comes to healthcare reform Oregon is at the tip of the spear. The newly passed Coordinated Care Organizations are off and running; they are locally accountable, integrated across the health spectrum and focused on primary and preventative care. Already, they are lowering costs and improving patient health.

Going forward, Oregon’s health insurance exchange and its programs, known as Cover Oregon, will serve as a conduit for both small business owners and individual consumers to save money on health insurance and take advantage of tax credits through the Affordable Care Act. Because of federal and statewide reforms. Oregon will soon be delivering healthcare to more of its citizens while providing a higher quality of care and bending the health insurance cost curve.

This healthcare reform remains some of the proudest work I’ve done in service as a senator and practicing physician of over 30 years.  It is also evidence that lawmakers in Oregon can remove partisan labels and make the right decisions for the people of Oregon.  I will continue to follow healthcare legislation and do everything that I can to support a healthy Oregon.

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