Democrats focus on their own priorities

Mike McLane

Rep. Mike McLane

Last November, Oregon voters handed the keys to the State Legislature solely to Democrats. They are in charge now, which means the bipartisanship and cooperation of 2011-2012 is gone. Democrats are hearing and passing primarily their bills.

Through last Tuesday, the Oregon House has passed 119 bills. Of those, 37 had only Democrats as chief sponsors, the governor requested 33 of them, 27 were from interim committees and six from standing committees.

Republicans? They shared in 10 bills as co-chief sponsors with Democrats. And a grand total of four bills were from only Republican chief sponsors.

Yes, that’s what control gets you. But what worries me is what it might get Oregonians.

I’ve written before about the $275 million tax increase proposed in the Democrat budget. You know about the Democrats reluctance to pass real PERS reform.

You may not know, however, about the efforts to roll-back bipartisan education reform from 2011-12. Democrats have set their sights on Oregon’s open enrollment law, which allows districts to open their doors to neighboring students. The bill gives families a choice of where to send their kids to school and promotes competition among public schools. Democrats also want to roll-back a law that allows local school districts to save money by opting out of the state-mandated insurance pool. The roll-back will cost them more money at a time when they are already facing further teacher layoffs.

Oregonians deserve better. Families deserve choices for their kids.

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