It’s down to the hardest part

Peter Buckley

Rep. Peter Buckley

It’s true in baseball, it’s true in theater and it’s true in the legislature — endings are hard. Getting the third out in the bottom of the ninth might be one of the hardest things a pitcher faces, and many talented writers struggle with how to come up with a satisfying conclusion to their works. We’re in the end struggle in Salem right now.

For the main part of our work, the state budget, I have several different scenarios drafted to close things out. I’ve been pushing for a compromise deal on revenue and PERS, backed by the Speaker and the governor, that could result in vitally needed increases in education funding. I believe we can get to a compromise that respects all sides of the issues.  If that does not work out, there are fallback scenarios to move in the most positive direction possible.

The past few weeks have also required a good deal of focus on the proposal to have local boards for our universities. It’s been a pleasure to work with Liz Shelby from Southern Oregon University and other university representatives to ensure that the regional universities come out well in any proposed changes to shared services and overall governance. I’ve also been working on the proposals for building projects at SOU and RCC, and hope to have more news on that next week, as well as a report on a possible overall happy ending.

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