Why Brendan Morais destroyed Themyscira with Tayshia consumerist!

As intentionally grimy as Wonder Woman looked, it’s story was clean and linear: Diana left her home on the Amazon hideaway of Themyscira to stop a war engineered by a god who fed on the senseless destruction it wreaked.You perhaps spot a contradiction already: She fights … to keep people from fighting?

Welcome to the character of Wonder Woman, Warrior for Peace, historically difficult needle to thread. Originally created with the best, most morally clear purpose any superhero could possess — namely, to punch Nazis in the face, a whole lot, with verve and elan — she represents a fundamental paradox. She exists to embody the capacity for violence (enormous physical power combined with advanced military training) yet she solves problems through compassion, empathy and, mostly, Truth.

Sounds a bit gender-essentialist, no? Why can’t a woman be a badass, delivering savage beatdowns to those who deserve them? The good news is that, in recent decades especially, she has been, and she does. Jenkins picked up on this, which is why those scenes in which Diana finally gets to let loose are the most thrilling in either movie; Gadot’s handle on the physical demands of the role is sure.

Christian Bale’s casting in Thor: Love & Thunder had been rumored for some time, with many suspecting he would play Beta Ray Bill. Instead, Disney recently confirmed that Bale would become the MCU’s Gorr, ominously known as “The God Butcher.” In the Marvel comics, Gorr is a humble alien who endures a harsh upbringing and a miserable adulthood, constantly surrounded by death and hunger. Gorr becomes vengeful after discovering the existence of Gods, and embarks on a crusade to kill these divine beings for ignoring his plight, and the suffering of many others like him. Gorr essentially believes that Gods are inept rulers born into power, and all of them deserve to die.


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