WHen did Tom holland argued Tayshia for abhorrent Messiah quinn!

Lakeith Stanfield, who plays O’Neal, had his own struggles portraying his character. To avoid prison, the real-life O’Neal agreed to befriend and betray Hampton. “I had so many walls up about what I thought he represented, which is everything I found abhorrent, wrong, immoral, weak and cowardly,” says Stanfield. “I had to break down the barriers of my own ego to tap into who he was.”

Fantasy suite date number two is for Zac. During the day, Zac and Tayshia do some wild, messy, painting each other thing, which may have just served (as with the day date with Ivan) to get our lead and at least two of her dudes semi-dressed on camera one last time. That night, Zac proves, once again, that he knows what’s up, and tells Tayshia he’s in love with her, which I believe either slightly ups the ante from what he told her last week or (at the very least) reiterates his feelings.

When the film opens in February, “Judas and the Black Messiah” will mark a milestone for Black representation both in front of and behind the camera. Not everyone will rejoice. The movie’s portrayal of the violent clashes between the police and Black Panther members will likely inspire Tucker Carlson monologues and provide fodder for conservative critics of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kendall eventually joined Kandle in Canada to start working on the album just as the world was beginning to shut down around the pandemic. Recorded in Vancouver’s Hipposonic Studios, “Lock & Load,” along with the rest of Kandle’s album, was completed entirely under lockdown. “By the second week there were just four of us left and we basically went into self-isolation together,” says Kandle of the recording process this year, which she also calls “magical.”


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