James acclimated to advice his acquaintance get aback on the beeline

Tyler James will never balloon the day he came home to apprentice his best acquaintance Amy Winehouse had died of booze poisoning.

As he tells The Sunday Times, aloof two canicule above-mentioned afore she died of booze poisoning, he larboard the collapsed they aggregate in Camden Square as an act of boxy adulation in the hopes she’d cease her drinking. James says, “I was active out of ideas.”

It was aloof one of the abounding approach James acclimated to advice his acquaintance get aback on the beeline and narrow. He recalls, “Amy was my world. I never accept had that affiliation with addition afresh and I never will. I admired her. I was on a mission. I had a task. I had a job [to accomplish her well] and that’s all I capital to do.”

And the 27-year-old accompanist approved to go sober, according to James. He describes “how adamantine she had formed to appear off drugs,” and she was abutting to “being healthy,” but he additionally addendum how difficult it was “to go through that in advanced of people.”

He remembers the paparazzi were consistently stationed alfresco their home, saying, “It was like a blur premiere out there.”


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