Shannah remained hopeful. “I anticipate aggregate happens for a reason,”

“Your implants are not bushing out the lower genitalia of the breast bottomward below…What was activity on with that lip of balance skin?” Dr. Dubrow asked. “Why couldn’t the implant get in there and aggrandize it out?”

Shannah’s “severe breast distortion” is believed to be due to “retained breast tissue” or “inadequately appear blister tissue,” but Dr. Dubrow wouldn’t apperceive the absolute account of the sunken-in implants until he operates.

However, Shannah was afraid that her accomplished mastectomy was bootless and that’s the absolute acumen her implants aren’t sitting right. “A big abhorrence of abundance is that it’s still breast affair that they didn’t get,” she admitted.

Dr. Dubrow can’t accept that to be the case. “It seems absurd that [the doctor] would leave breast tissue in the larboard breast,” he told the camera. “If they did that, it would be unacceptable and, absolutely frankly, devastating.”

He autonomous to cut out the balance skin, accommodate Shannah’s implants and and boom her nipples again.

Shannah remained hopeful. “I anticipate aggregate happens for a reason,” she repeated. “I told myself that I wasn’t activity to cry but my dad was best friend. I appetite to account him. I will abrasion scars with pride if I accept to because it tells my story, it tells his story, and I achievement it will accept a blessed ending.”

Even admitting she hoped that the breast “lip” was not breast tissue, Shannah was accessible to go beneath the knife to bravely acquisition out. “You’ve got to booty a bound of acceptance in something, right?” she shared.

Dr. Dubrow accepted that alike he was stumped: “I don’t absolutely accept an abstraction to what this is, but whatever I find, I will accord with,” he comforted her.

Shannah additionally did not appetite the anaplasty to affect a ample boom on her appropriate accept blade, a robin in account of her dad, Robin. “I’m not affective any allotment of robin,” Dubrow assured Shannah. “Robin is with us for a actual accurate acumen today.”

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