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Job creators face uncertainty

In the aftermath of the 2013 legislative session, I think it’s appropriate to consider what it meant for Oregon businesses. There are some indications that an economic recovery is under way statewide and nationally. However, the last few months have seen many large Oregon companies either relocate elsewhere or lay off hundreds of employees. This […]

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Don’t depend on Uncle Sam

The Legislature adjourned on Monday, and the days since then have given me the chance to reflect on the session. One of the largest budgets we passed was for the Oregon Health Authority. This new agency was created to take up some of the duties that had been traditionally assumed by the Department of Human […]

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Time will judge 2013 session

How successful was the 2013 legislative session? Well, my opinion is biased, and I can only judge it by what I know about what we set out to do and accomplish. Time will tell how the choices we made play out. My major goals for the session were to turn around our investment in education, […]

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A successful session, overall

As my colleagues in the Senate and I prepare to work through the weekend to wrap up this legislative session, I’m proud to say that much has been accomplished already in 2013. We’ve passed a historic K-12 budget, brokered an agreement for insurers to pay for treatment of autism, reinvested in public safety, expanded health […]

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Budget delivers for schools

For years, school districts in Southern Oregon and across the state have been forced to address budget shortfalls by shortening the length of the school year, laying off teachers, cutting art, music and after-school activities, and cramming students into larger classes. Needless to say, my No. 1 goal this session has been to increase funding […]

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One hand claps for these achievements

The 2013 Legislative Session is about to end.  It’s tragic to realize it was run without a carefully considered plan. There were multiple concessions given to powerful political forces, such as “the coalition of the status quo,” but what did this legislative session really accomplish? Did we fix the PERS crisis without violating the PERS […]

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Bill would have helped victims of sexual abuse

One of the most important roles of government is to protect the most vulnerable members of society. That includes victims of sexual abuse. Last week, my House Republican colleagues and I moved to pull House Bill 3541 out of committee and up for a vote. HB 3541 expands the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits […]

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Partisan games prolong session

The Oregon Legislature’s 2013 session should be over by now. But it isn’t. A robust revenue forecast released in May shows that there is enough money to balance the budget and adjourn. Yet the session still continues on. The majority party will try to portray me and my fellow House Republicans as obstructionist. That is […]

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Democratic leaders made progress on PERS

Wow. I’m not sure who wrote the Mail Tribune editorial on Thursday, taking a shot at Speaker Tina Kotek and blaming her for the lack of progress on a deal for revenue and additional PERS reform, but they couldn’t have been farther off the mark. I’m a senior member of House leadership, having served in […]

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Working together works

There once was a group of men at a church who had the assignment to move a grand piano from one room to another. The piano was very heavy and several of the concerned volunteers discussed ideas on how to move it without harming themselves or the piano. Finally, a wise man suggested they all […]

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