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Veterans have earned a tuition break

I served in Cam Ranh Bay and Da Nang in the early years of the Vietnam War. When I returned home I wanted to attend college in the Pacific Northwest, but I was a resident of Michigan, having lived there for a short time just prior to my service. Out-of-state tuition can be prohibitively expensive, […]

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We should try to make things easier for families

Families are the foundation of society. As such, it’s critical that government agencies and elected officials do everything they can to make life easier for them. This week, my House Republican colleagues attempted to bring votes on three bills that would do exactly that. House Bill 3210 provides tax relief for lower- and middle-income Oregonians. […]

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Don’t manipulate the process

The legislative process is designed to be very deliberate, and for good reason — it ensures that ideas intended to be laws are properly vetted before they are voted on. But that process is being abused as this session winds down. Typically, bills are heard in committee, where members of both parties and all affected […]

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It’s down to the hardest part

It’s true in baseball, it’s true in theater and it’s true in the legislature — endings are hard. Getting the third out in the bottom of the ninth might be one of the hardest things a pitcher faces, and many talented writers struggle with how to come up with a satisfying conclusion to their works. […]

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End-of-session games begin

Last week the governor addressed the House Republicans and requested an additional $275 million in tax increases.  He promised that if Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for tax increases the additional revenue would enable the legislature to help K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and youth mental health programs. In other words, “it’s for the […]

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Drone law protects civil liberty

It’s usually in news stories about foreign conflicts that we hear about the use of drones, aircraft that can be automated or remotely controlled by someone located thousands of miles away. It might surprise you, then, that in recent years drones have become much more common right here in Oregon. Many folks — including myself […]

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Education bills honor veterans

The freedoms that we enjoy as U.S. citizens are due largely to the sacrifices made by our military veterans. Because of that, it’s important that we honor them and ensure their smooth transition back into civilian life when they have concluded their service. We took a big step toward that with the passage of House […]

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Rights must be protected as technology changes

It’s no secret that technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Because of it, new conveniences like cell phones and Internet technology are making the world a smaller place. But against this backdrop, the global War on Terror that we’ve waged since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has given the federal government unprecedented powers. That, […]

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The right forest policy will build healthy forests and communities

Summer is here and we are reminded of the catastrophic devastation caused by destructive forest fires and the blights of diseased forests and rotting biomass which has led to Oregon’s crisis in forest health.  In addition, we are reminded that our ineffectual forest policy has caused the economic pain, unemployment and financial desperation our rural […]

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‘Buy Oregon’ program supports small businesses

When I have the opportunity for a conversation with my neighbors, or to chat with patients in my medical practice, I often ask them about their priorities. A common theme emerges: Getting Southern Oregon back to work. We can do that by supporting small businesses right here in Southern Oregon. With job creation top of […]

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