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Time will judge 2013 session

How successful was the 2013 legislative session? Well, my opinion is biased, and I can only judge it by what I know about what we set out to do and accomplish. Time will tell how the choices we made play out. My major goals for the session were to turn around our investment in education, […]

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Democratic leaders made progress on PERS

Wow. I’m not sure who wrote the Mail Tribune editorial on Thursday, taking a shot at Speaker Tina Kotek and blaming her for the lack of progress on a deal for revenue and additional PERS reform, but they couldn’t have been farther off the mark. I’m a senior member of House leadership, having served in […]

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It’s down to the hardest part

It’s true in baseball, it’s true in theater and it’s true in the legislature — endings are hard. Getting the third out in the bottom of the ninth might be one of the hardest things a pitcher faces, and many talented writers struggle with how to come up with a satisfying conclusion to their works. […]

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Republicans are taking legislation hostage

In Washington, D.C., it is the Congressional House Republicans.  In Salem, it is the Oregon Senate Republicans.  For some reason, both groups believe it is somehow right to operate by taking legislation hostage, threatening the economy and countless jobs, in their demand for austerity and adherence to their own particular ideology. It’s not right, and […]

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Stay focused on what matters most

Heading towards the end of the 2013 session, it’s easy to get caught up in any number of side issues that have sprung up during the course of hearings, meetings or debates on the House floor. But I’ve found during this session that the difficulty of the main challenge we face is enough to let […]

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Let’s meet in the middle

Last week we called for an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to addressing our state’s budget crisis to stop teacher layoffs and cuts to classrooms.  Much has happened in Salem on budget negotiations since we wrote last week. Governor Kitzhaber made a call for action to legislators on both sides of the aisle: compromise. He […]

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Let’s work together

It’s no secret that Oregon’s schools are in desperate need of increased funding. Reinvesting and stabilizing schools and reducing class sizes are our top priorities this session in Salem. We have a historic opportunity to reinvest in education, and we believe it’s time to embrace the proposals to make that happen. Today, Oregon has the […]

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Oregon is getting back to work

One of our top priorities this session is getting people back to work and helping small businesses grow in our area. So we were glad to read new data from the US Department of Labor last week that showed Oregon is making strides towards a strong economy and getting Oregonians back to work. The report […]

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Budget hearings show need in our communities

We’re finishing up two weeks of public hearings around the state on the proposed budget for 2013-15.  As has been my experience over the past four years, the “road show” for the budget committee leaves me inspired by what is being done in communities all over the state, but also deeply concerned on how deep […]

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Legislators team up to fight for farmers

Last year, local farmers and supporters of organic food raised alarms about the effects of genetically modified organism (GMO) crops and collected thousands of signatures to refer a local ban on GMO crops to voters. Their ballot measure would protect Southern Oregon from GMO crops that threaten a growing organic farming industry and our way […]

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