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Good neighbor farming is better than GMO ban

We read with interest the Legislative Outtakes column in the Sunday paper by our colleagues, Sen. Alan Bates and Rep. Peter Buckley. The headline proclaimed “Legislators team up to fight for farmers.” We’re not sure most Rogue Valley farmers would agree Sen. Bates and Rep. Buckley are on their side in the debate about SB [...]

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Don’t thwart the rule of law

Civil society is based on the concept of rule of law. But the rule of law means less when laws can be deliberately ignored – when people are given permission to disobey the laws. Senate Bill 833 is a good example of this, as it essentially rewards illegal behavior. If passed, SB 833 would create [...]

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Protect Oregon’s real estate market

In their quest to generate new state funding, the House Committee on Revenue is pursuing numerous proposals that would undermine the recovery of Oregon’s real estate market. The latest proposal attacking the real estate industry and our economy, House Bill 3433, would eliminate the tax benefits of like-kind (1031) exchanges. Currently, a ‘like-kind’ exchange allows [...]

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Tuition equity unfair to citizens

The session has taken off like a rocket.  Our office is flooded with meeting requests and we have been surprised by a number of visitors from home. Tuition Equity –HB 2787 allowing Oregon students who are here illegally to pay in-state tuition for Oregon colleges. As many of you know this is a difficult issue [...]

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Gun rights must not be infringed

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I wanted to take just a moment and respond to emails concerning gun control, gun rights, and Second Amendment issues. Please know that as far as I am concerned [...]

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Legislators gear up for a new session

This first week is always busy meeting the newly elected Representatives, reacquainting with the returning legislators and stepping back into the routine of 15 minute appointments, committee meetings and long days. This session I will serve on two committees:  Co Vice Chair of Agriculture and Natural Resources and as a member of the Veterans and [...]

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Governor showed leadership

This session will go down in history as a session of compromise and bipartisan agreement.  It will also go down with the understanding that we (Oregon) really have a governor who leads.  I am a Republican and our governor is a Democrat, but I have to say that the governor has led us through these [...]

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2011 Legislature made history in many ways

The 2011 session was historic in many ways. This was the first time the Oregon House of Representatives was split between 30 Republicans and 30 Democrats. The session started with the inauguration of a third-term governor, another first.  For all the early predictions of partisan gridlock, the 2011 session was one of the shortest in [...]

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Quick action saves jobs

This last week the governor vetoed his first bill – and perhaps the only one he will veto this session.  Southern Oregon should rejoice in this veto.  HB 2212 was brought forward by Rep. Betty Komp (D-Woodburn) to assist a friend who has a floral shop.  The legislation seemed simple enough and after much discussion [...]

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Kudos to Medford schools

Medford teachers, administrators and school board deserve a big hand! I was very happy and proud to read that the teacher’s union and the administration came to an agreement to reduce expenses by $4.7 million.  Teachers have agreed to pay for 7 percent of their health premiums cost.  This is an issue being dealt with [...]

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